Banks have been fantastic with their historically low interest rates these days but banks can often limit you with their red tape that causes issues when it comes to financing. What if there was a way to bypass that process with a skillset that allows you to rinse, wash, repeat with buying properties without going to the bank?

"Subject To" is an acquisition strategy that allows for one to take over the mortgage payments of an existing loan. Not a new loan - an EXISTING Loan. That's the power of buying properties subject to! No need to send your financials or credit to the bank BUT there are many moving parts to this strategy and that's where the proper education will come into play.

We're looking forward to having Justin Allen of the MS Gulf Coast REIA to share at our March event. For over 20 years he has been investing in real estate through various strategies including the subject to method of taking over people's mortgages. As a licensed broker and experienced investor, Justin has a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us to learn how to do this strategy, including the do's and don't's.

COVID DISCLAIMER: We are slowing weening ourselves back in to regularly meeting in person. There will be sanitization areas and we will adjust the chairs for distancing. You can wear a mask if you'd like. Please DO NOT come if you have symptoms or a fever. Use your best judgement.At Northshore REIA, our goal is to provide education about real estate investing that is coupled with instruction, networking opportunities, and free meet ups without any pressure of a sales pitch. We welcome new and experienced investors as well as those who provide services to the industry to join us!Can't make this meeting? No worries! Search Northshore REIA on Youtube to watch the recorded events. Like our page if you'd like to stay in the loop about the next event! Our meet ups have been made available to the public for FREE thanks to our local s ponsors!