Come join us this Thursday while we catch up with one another.  This will be a structured meetup and that structure will be as follows.

6:30-7:15 - Networking

7:15-7:45pm - Speaker Presentation

7:45pm and on - QnA / more networking.

Each month we will have different speakers who have different focuses, but the main topics will be "Investment Criteria", "You locate a deal, now what?", "Deal Closes, now what" and "Business Plan has been executed, now what?".  These topics will be covered across multifamily Deals, Single Family buy/hold and single family flips.

This month, I will be the speaker and will focus on my investment criteria in regards to multifamily.  I will discuss Macro/Micro data that I look for, asset types and conditions and return %'s.  If time allows, I will provide some examples of underwriting techniques.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and offering value where I can.

Brandon Wells, CPM