“The Shocking Truth: New Electrical Codes and Costs”

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  • 04/14/21 07:00PM - 09:30PM America/New_York
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On our next “Connections” webinar, licensed electrician Donny Testerman will address the new electrical codes and how they’ve made a big impact on costs.

Donny also will share other lessons learned through his experience as an active real estate investor. His presentation will cover:

The new national electrical code changes. Including disconnects, surge protectors, and GFI breakers

A bombshell from Baltimore City. If you do even minor electrical work and the house has any knob-and-tube or BX wiring, guess what you have to do?

Material availability and cost. Last year breakers were in short supply. Now it’s 14/2 wire: what used be $48 is now up to $100, if you can even get it.

The impact of Covid disruptions on other essential items. Maybe you should buy appliances early to make sure you have them when you need them. Also, have you bought a 2×4 lately?

Answers to your questions. Bring ’em on!

About your presenter. Donny Testerman is not only a professional electrician, he’s an active rehabber and landlord. So he understands exactly how electrical and other items impact your bottom line, whether you’re flipping or investing to buy and hold.

Why this is a must-attend meeting. Donny recently did a project where the investor got a rude surprise: a $4,000 increase in electrical costs due to the new requirements. Don’t let it happen to you!


Yep, my last rehab cost an extra $6,000.  Vapor proof boxes on exterior walls, GFCI breakers, dedicated circuits, etc.  Had to bring the 1960 house up to new construction standards.  Not a fan of city inspectors.