Read This Before Posting or Responding to An Event in This Forum

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This forum, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Events & Happenings Forum, was created so there is one destination where people can learn about gatherings and other events. It is also intended to be a tool for those people who want to plan their own local real estate meetups.

That said, there are a few things of note . . .

For Those Planning an Event:

  • You must have a BiggerPockets Plus or PRO account to post an event here, and any of our members is welcome to comment.
  • BiggerPockets does not sanction ANY of the events posted in this forum unless one of our staff members (currently @Brandon Turner or myself) creates the post and states so.
  • Please use ONE THREAD PER EVENT.
  • The name BiggerPockets, or initials BP are not to be used in any type of advertisement here or on any other site (e.g. meetup) without the express written permission of me, Joshua Dorkin.
  • We expect that planners to be transparent about the events posted here. That means you MUST let people know the following: Will anyone be selling or pitching products, services, or other events at this event AND is there a cost to attend?
  • We also expect that planner disclose whether there is a sponsor of the event, and if they will be pitching.
  • Finally, we want you to know that if you promote your event as something and we learn that you weren't completely transparent or truthful in your promotion, you will be banned from ever promoting again on the site and may have your account on BiggerPockets closed.
  • Do not be anything less than 100% transparent when posting about your event.

For Those Considering Attending an Event:

  • Anyone can respond to an event post to ask questions or to let the organizer know that they will attend; you don't need a Plus or PRO account to participate.
  • All events posted in this events forum are unaffiliated with BiggerPockets and BP is not responsible for moderating or managing these meetings UNLESS the event is posted by one of our staff members (currently Brandon Turner or myself).
  • Do your due diligence on the event before going.
  • Please be sure to post back in the event thread once you've attended with a review and feedback on the event.
  • Please share any photos you took to help others out!
  • Finally, if the event was not as advertised -- meaning, if it was promoted as a pitch-free local networking event, and some speaker came and pitched the group, please post about it in the thread and let our team know. The last thing we want is people to show up to an event and feel like they've gotten the bait and switch treatment -- if it happens to you, telling someone will stop it from happening again, hopefully.

Wrapping it all up . . .

We do want to encourage organic meetups, real estate clubs and others to share their events here, but we do expect that everyone be transparent about what attendees can expect. Be good to one another and make it happen!

Get out there and start networking!

@Joshua Dorkin

Hello Joshua!

Incredible thanks for looking out for BP(Your Numero Uno) which we all love here on BP and everyone here at BP! So far, it has really been truly, a genuine experience. Pretty rare as you already know, if it wasn't you wouldn't have posted the above. Thanks again Joshua and Brandon. Greatly appreciate it.

If you didn't know already, I believe BP is truly helping a lot of people and families change their lives and well being for the future. Helping to develop and manage ourselves in the REI arena the right way and with excellent guidance. There are lessons in school which are great. Then there are the lessons we learn after the application in school was taught in real life. The real lessons of life experience. Thanks to you, Brandon and all the Pros down to the novice for sharing, respecting, and creating a truly genuine experience for those who belive, there is a better way to enjoy our lives, especially with the ones we love.

Bp is bound to be, what the numbers say, on our P & L sheets. Always a profit and never a loss, when your a part of the BiggerPockets community.

Gratefully always,


Now I'm going to have to go Pro! :) VIVA BP!

@Joshua Dorkin

Are we ok to post the mission quote for the meetup? (If need be take out BiggerPockets)

"Our mission is to help educate people in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing and to provide tools, data, and resourcesto enhance real estate knowledge, networking, dealmaking, marketing, and other day to day real estate activities." -BiggerPockets

@Joshua Dorkin

Great! One question, "advertising BP" here, I can't see anyone advertising as BP, certainly an obvious concern. Houston BP Meet Up, I've seen such before.

But, advertising and event to or for BP members, saying "all area BP members are welcome" or "BP members are free" or "$25 Off for BP members"

That is much like promoting 10% off for military and police officers.

Why would they, brings members to an event and then can be discussed later on BP.

I believe you concern, and rightly so, is making any reference to BP as an official BP affiliate or sponsored event.

Perhaps a disclaimer needed regardless of what is advertised? This event has no relationship, expressed or implied, to BP, nor is there any endorsement by or affiliate relationship with BP. Some canned disclaimer, same thing as used in the guru review thread answering with respect to a poster's affiliation. :)

Thank you sooo much for your position on these events.  I appreciate the transparency requirement.  I have had a BP account for some time but I am just beginning to participate.  It's nice to know that you protect my time and your site's integrity.