San Rafael, Marin Meet-up April 8

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Hello everyone,

I would love to meet more investors in my neck of the woods in Marin...and beyond. Please let me know if you are interested in meeting in San Rafael Tuesday April 8, 7pm in the bar area of Ristorante La Toscana. It is close to the Civic Center/ N San Pedro Rd. exit.

I realize there are other meetups in the East Bay and around the San Francisco Bay Area, too. But I figure North San Rafael is an easy location for folks from Marin up through Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Vallejo, etc.

My intention for this meetup is a casual meet and greet where we introduce ourselves and learn what each of us is up to. I hope to see you there!


Updated about 5 years ago

UPDATE: The April 8 San Rafael meet-up is cancelled

@Kathleen L. hello!

I am interested in attending as well. Perhaps J Martin and @Chris Music would be interested as well.


@Kathleen L. Hi, great idea! I am always up for meeting fellow investors. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the meeting on April 8th, might be out of town, but keep me posted on future meet-ups.

@Melvin Yuen Thanks for the mention!

Hi @Kathleen L. ,

And thanks for the shout out @Melvin Yuen .

I organize the East Bay Meetups, and always enjoy meeting up and chatting with other investors.. I've met Melvin before, and still have some questions for him too. I would love to come to the meetup, but am a maybe for now. I work out of town some weeks, and that week is a bit up in the air for now.. so I'll let you know as we get closer. Hopefully I will be able to come meet Melvin, yourself, and anyone else joining.

I have 6 units in Richmond, but live in Oakland on Lake Merritt now. I own and landlord these properties, and am looking for more properties in similar areas. What are you interested in for real estate? Hope to meet you soon!

Thanks for setting this up @Kathleen L. I live in Hercules, CA and just a quick trip over the bridge. I'll definitely put this on my calendar!

I'll look forward to meeting you @Melvin Yuen . And thanks for the suggesting @Chris Music and @J Martin .

J, I hold some rentals in Antioch and have flipped in Vallejo and Napa. I haven't been active for the past year so now am exploring which market to target next and lining up financing.

I was taking a peak at some Vallejo properties the other day.. Making a contact in Pittsburgh now.. Just keeping my options open, with the thin inventory. @Erin A. went out to Stockton. There's definitely better gross numbers out there. And more inventory for flips. Although thinner margins with the lower price points..

Come out to the Oakland meetup this month, if you can make it! There's usually 25+ people, and lots of good ideas and inspiration to get the ball rolling...

I'll post yours on my Oakland meetup also, in case anyone is closer to your area. If you want to potentially attract more people, try posting the names of more near-ish-by cities so it pops up on their keyword alerts. I had some great conversations with @Brian Burke , @Adam Menconi , and @Nick Fitzpatrick in Santa Rosa last time I was working up there. Maybe they know some BP members south of them who might like to join..

Thanks @J. Martin Yes, I was disappointed to miss the first few meetups you scheduled. I can definitely share with you about Vallejo though my info is a bit outdated.

Per your suggestion I'm adding the names of some towns nearby in Marin and beyond in the hopes that people interested in a meet-up will see this post.

Sausalito, Tiburon, Ross, San Anselmo, Mill Valley, Fairfax, Novato, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Kentfield, San Francisco, Petaluma, American Canyon.

I've completed projects in Mill Valley and it's an up and coming area.

@Melvin Yuen I'm curious what you are referring to when you say Mill Valley is and up and coming area?

Hi @Kathleen L. , I'd really like to come to your meetup, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it! I enjoyed talking to you in Oakland. Interested to hear more..

Since it's right across the bridge, and have been meaning to talk to him more, I thought @Andrew Fingado might want to come out and exchange some ideas on RE investing and landlording. And I believe @Andy Kaufman said he wanted to do some more work up in the North Bay, so maybe he can make it too.. Just fyi Kathleen, @Johnson H. also scheduled a meetup in SF on Thurs, 4/10. Just search for SF Meetup if you want to check it out..

HI @Kathleen L. - Like @J. Martin mentioned I live in San Rafael and I'm looking to do some more work in the North Bay, so I'll be there. Thanks for organizing!

Unfortunately, the San Rafael meet-up will be cancelled for this month. I have a family crisis that is keeping me out of town. Sorry for the short notice everyone, I was hoping to make it back in time.

I'll look forward to meeting you all at a future meet-up!

I'm tagging a few names here to make sure you guys get the message.

@Melvin Yuen @Chris Music @Alan Malicse @Melvin Yuen @J Martin

@Andy Kaufman

hope all is well.

Keep me posted Kathleen if you decide to host another event in the future.  Thanks for reaching out!  I hope the best for you and your family.

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