Davie/Weston/South FL B&H Networking Group

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  • 05/15/14 08:00PM
  • Dunkin Donuts, Griffin Road & 97th ave, Davie, FL.
  • Free

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Davie/Weston/South Florida REI Buy & Hold Networking Group


THIRD Thursday of every month @ 8pm, in Davie, FL.

Our second meeting is as follows:

Thursday, May 15, 2014 @ 8pm


Dunkin Donuts

Conference Room

9740 Griffin Road, Cooper City (Davie), FL 33328

tel. 954-916-7200

TOPICS: (1 hr time plan):

- Introduction of new members

- Landlord Resources and forms

- Finding Properties

- Property analysis

- Open dialogue & sharing of ideas.

FREE to attend.

SPONSORED BY: Hosted by group member Joel Pita

DISCLAIMER: There will be no selling of products or services during this meeting; only a sharing of ideas by like-minded REI's in the Davie/Weston/South Florida area, and the possible consumption of a few jelly donuts.

Hope to see you there!

Joel Pita

Company: Sky Realty Inc.
Phone: 5613529189 ext.
Address: miami, FLORIDA

I'd love to be conferenced in for this one too!

Great Aly, will do!

@JosephGrullon this is official thread for our 2d meeting. Your name doesn't highlight but hopefully you'll see this. Hope to see you there!

Got it.

Thanks for the reply. See you guys there!

@Vana G. ,

Giving this a bump. Hopefully more people will show up for this meeting on May 15th, 2014.


Thanks @Raymond B. Meeting for tomorrow night is still on and hoping for a good turnout!

We held our second meeting last night and had a good turn out despite the terrible weather.

Thanks to all who attended and a big thanks to member Joe Pita for sponsoring and running the meeting! I especially enjoyed the open dialogue and sharing of your knowledge and forms. *THANK YOU!!* I will be copying you all with the roster and forms as discussed.

Our third meeting will be held on Thursday, 6/19/2014 @8pm, same place, and will be sponsored by member Chris Mootoo. I will go ahead and set up the new thread later today.

Hope to see you all there next month!

@Raymond B. We wish you a safe drive back and see later this year!

Aly NA Sorry we lost you again! We can certainly try again in June.

All the best,


Thanks, and if there were any commercial investors there, I'd like to hear from you!

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