BP members! Come join us this Wednesday to socialize and network with other Northeast PA investors! The Scranton and surrounding areas of PA are full of low-entry investment opportunities. Come join us to learn, to network, and grow the investor community!

This is our second event! Stop by!



Investors: Northeastern PA



Wednesday, July 9th 7pm

@ Grotto Pizza, Wilkes-Barre

(by the Wyoming Valley Mall)

What we are:

Forming to connect real estate investors, wholesalers, flippers, contractors, realtors, lenders, etc.

Our goal:

?Improve neighborhoods and communities in Northeastern PA.Enhance property values.

?Create a strong network of industry professionals to maximize the number and quality and quantity of deals

?Create value through collaboration.Speed up the deal cycle by connecting investors directly with wholesalers, lenders, and other sources.

We aren't gurus–this isn't a sales pitch!

We just want to network with local investors!

Contact info:

1078 Wyoming Ave, Ste 196 Wyoming, PA 18644

(570) 798 7051Steve Cell 237 0124

[email protected]

Website under development: InvestorsNetworkNEPA.com and .org!