Wealth Investment Network (WIN) Meeting 07/21 With Andrew Miller - Commercial Loan Expert

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  • 07/21/14 06:00PM
  • Mercury Mambo, 1107 South 8th street Austin, Texas 78704
  • Free

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Our Wealth Investment Network will be hosting an event with Andrew Miller on the 21st of July at 6pm.  

Mr. Miller is a 3rd generation banker and the Owner of Commercial Loan Solutions, which specializes in Loan Packaging, Loan Brokering, Business Development, and Turn Around Management. He is a small business consultant with a focus on refinancing bank and investor debt. In addition, he helps companies by auditing files, overseeing compliance, improving sales and production channels, and working directly with employees, vendors and customers. Mr. Miller has the experience and expertise necessary to help management and owners devise a plan to take their company to the next level.

Commercial Loan Solutions can act as an Intermediary to help an owner or investor buy or sell a company, merge with another company, raise capital, buy or sell real estate, or refinance debt. With over 25 local and nation banks, 9 Credit Unions, and 5+ Private Lenders, the company's financial resources has options for most businesses or investor needs. The company assists with

- Owner Occupied and Investment Real Estate
- SBA Loans (7a & 504)
- Hard Money/Private Loans
- Construction and Development

As always our meeting is free, but will be limited to the first 50 RSVPs.  Please register here:

WIN Presents Commercial Loan Solutions with Andrew Miller

So sad I missed the event! Thanks for posting it, @Bryan Hancock  . Take your eye off the ball for a few days and the opportunity passes you by. It's a good lesson to be reminded of.

No sweat...got a lot of good feedback on the event.  If you send me some mail I can get you on our Meetup list so that you can get informed via email about new events.  The iFunding guys will be speaking at my next event in early August if you'd like to attend.  

I was at both the July & August WIN meetings. They were both awesome!

I am glad you liked them Mike.  We should be securing some fantastic speakers over the next few weeks.  Next meeting with feature a director from our regional center for EB-5 financing.  It should be a fantastic event too!

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