Real Estate Investor EXPO July 24th Bellevue WA

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  • 07/24/14 06:30PM
  • Bellevue Red Lion Inn 11211 Main St , Bellevue , WA 98004
  • Free

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***If you are interested in having a booth at our event please click here for more info***

Cut your stress with a mini-vacation to our REAPS Real Estate Investing EXPO. Dozens of great vendors (and we pack the house with real estate investors) will generously donate $50 door prizes to be given away. Every adult attendee is eligible to WIN and there is no limit to the number of prizes you may win! BUT…you must be present to win. In addition to meeting the folks behind the businesses that can move your business forward, you’ll enjoy a relaxing evening of contests and prizes worth thousands of dollars, a no-host bar and a chance to network with hundreds of fellow RE investors and landlords from all over the region. This year we have added several mini-classes that will be taught at various rooms in the hotel that you can jump in and out of too! This event is FREE for anyone to attend who pre-registers!

Here's your checklist for a great evening.

1. Your great attitude!

2. Tons of business cards. Each time you visit a vendor table and leave a card you will be entered AGAIN to win a door prize. We will have over 30 vendors to visit and drawings start at 7:45pm.

3. Your best vacation attire! Everyone spotted sporting their vacation clothes gets one entry to win another door prize!

4. Cash for the no-host bar.

5. Bring your dancing shoes for WII. We will be having a dance competition throughout the night. If you win against your competitor then you get another chance to win a door prize.

6. Bring your Haves and Wants. We will be having a mobile version during the night and if you participate then yes you will get YET ANOTHER CHANCE to win a door prize. Are you catching my drift?

7. We will be playing REAPS BINGO. Every winning BINGO card can be redeemed for....YOU GUESSED It - door prize entry! Want to get a head start? Just keep your eye out for our email blasts for the clues.

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

Bellevue Red Lion Hotel
11211 Main Street
Bellevue, WA

Looking forward to the event tonight!

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