East Bay Meetup on-site Wed, July 30 @ W Oakland Fixer Property

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  • 07/30/14 06:30PM
  • RSVP on meetup.com for emailed address in West Oakland
  • Free

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This will be the second meetup I will be holding at a fixer property in Oakland.  

What: July East Bay Meetup - Special "On-site Deal" Edition
When: Wed, July 30th @ 6:30PM
Where: Near 30th St & Peralta, West Oakland, just south of Emeryville Border. RSVP on the meetup site to get the address emailed to you:


Cost: Free (but bring a 6 pack or some snacks to share ;)

You are cordially invited to my next Real Estate Networking meetup, on-site at a fellow investor's unstarted rehab project in West Oakland next Wednesday, July 30th, at 6:30PM. (4 days from today). Have a chance to see a project before it starts, hear the vision of the owner, give feedback or tips, and of course have an opportunity to meet and network with other real estate investors!

This deal belongs to @Daniel S.   and myself had the opportunity to see it this week, down the street from a property we are in contract on, and he graciously offered it up as a venue for this month's meetup. Thanks Danny! We'll take a tour of the property, have some drinks, exchange ideas, and network with the group.

The address will be sent by email to those who RSVP for the meet up. The property is near Peralta & 30th St in West Oakland, not far from the Emeryville border, in the Clawson neighborhood. Bring your favorite beverage (6 pack OK ;) and/or a snack to share with others. There is not cost for this meetup. So if you're within reasonable driving distance in the SF Bay Area - from San Francisco to Richmond, down to the Peninsula, feel free to come out and say hello to some other investors!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

PS. If you haven't yet joined the meetup group for my big RE Networking Summit on Nov. 15th & 16th @ SFSU, please join here:

It will be a great opportunity to get more targeted opportunities to network with others who are meaningful to your investment strategy, and hear some great speakers, including BP legends Brian Burke, Will Barnard, and others. I will be announcing additional speakers and ticket information early next month. Hope to see you there too!

J Martin

So far, we have 18 who have RSVP'd.

Of the BP members I can tag, we have myself, @Daniel S.  , along with many others, who may not be BP members, or I cannot tag..

There's still room for more, so RSVP at the link in the first post if you'd like to come, to get the address. Look forward to seeing you there!

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