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6 Months of Real Estate Investing Meetings Already

Time really flies when you are making things happen!

First I want to thank all those folks who have come out to our meetings since they kicked off in January. This wouldn't be so successful if so many people weren't coming out. People really are exchanging deals and ideas back and forth at every meeting. If you have not been, then come see what we are all about this coming Monday at 6 PM, July 28, 2014. We will be having our usual Networking before the speaker time, a "Haves and Wants" session, and a really great educational event as well. Our next speaker has really caught her business on fire and works along side one of Atlanta's best wholesalers and educators. Her name is Regina Sitterley and you can read below about how action takers really are the ones who get things done and make money in the real estate world.

Regina Sitterley will be the main event for the Athens Real Estate Investment Club meeting this coming Monday. She has been a bird dog, wholesaling properties, apprenticing under the best mentors, and already teaching to other groups just in her first year in the investing world. I knew that we should have her come speak when she mentioned that in just a couple of deals she made as much as she did in a full year at her past job. This weeks focus will be on Deal Structuring. How to buy right and negotiate the best deal for the right situation so that you can make the most money whether selling or leasing.


Hey Jack - I'm new to Athens, GA and I am looking to get more involved and start investing in real estate. I've been searching for more information about the Athens Real Estate investment group you've mentioned a few times. Can you please email me some details? I would like to attend some meetings! [email protected]



Absolutely!  We would be happy to have you. @Ethan Atkinson   and I will get you on the distribution list.  Also, we have a facebook page with posts from past meetings, and general updates.  Come ready to discuss deals and meet folks.  Unlike many of the other REAs in the Atlanta area, we require our meetings to not feel like you are getting sold on something. Just come out, have fun and find that next opportunity.

Hi,My name is Derrick Brown newbie flipping and wholesale rehabs. Looking for a good group in Georgia.I also have masonry and carpentry skills. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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