Weekly Long Island Meetup 15 Aug and 22 Aug- Suffolk County and/or Nassau County

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  • 08/15/14 06:00PM
  • Panera Bread @Smith Haven Mall
  • Free

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Hey BPers/Long Islanders, 

Meat and potatoes of the following post:

Meetup to network and discuss lead discovery, financing, new legislation, tax benefits specific to Suffolk/Nassau, new deals, old deals, what's been working for you, what hasn't been working etc.

Wholesalers, builders, lenders, subject to'ers, brokers of any kind ( insurance, finance, real estate ), lien investors, appraisers, mobile home investors, new investors etc. (Everyone)

Initially, Smith Haven Mall Panera Bread. Alexander Ave & 347. West side of the mall.
First meetup 15 August @6PM
Second meetup 22 August @6PM
Third and forward TBD.

The rest:

I'm pretty sure I've got the right forum here. I wanted to reach out and see if there is anyone interested in meeting up for coffee and talking about their current deals in the area, deals they've done in the area, or their research in the area if they haven't done any deals. I've noticed a pretty surprising lack of recent forum posts in this area which, I'm not going to disguise it, is a little discouraging. As I've posted about LI I've mostly gotten people to reach out from Queens (which I know is LI technically), New Jersey, Brooklyn and Manhattan which is still fantastic, but of course, I'm looking for that core group of Long Islanders.

I'm looking to get a once a week meetup started. I plan on attending every week's meetings and depending on how many people start to show we can go from there to scale up or down to bi weekly, monthly or even a couple a week.
If anyone knows of meetups like this going on already please enlighten me!

The objectives for the meetings will be, initially, to network. For myself specifically I will be trying to pick people's brains about the area and find out what's been working for them or what didn't work for them with buy and holds. I'd also be interested in how well the 2 and 50 percents are helping investors guide themselves here. The meetings shouldn't be limited to buy and hold or flipping even. Wholesalers, lien freaks, builders, lenders, subject to'ers, brokers of any kind ( insurance, finance, RE obvi ) appraisers, new investors, greenie weenies are all invited. I plan on trying to integrate other sites like Meetup.com (as antiquated as it seems for this area) and maybe even a couple adds on community on craigslist. If anyone has any experience with other meetup sites, please let me know. Of course if anyone comes to the meetups I'll urge them to get integrated here at BP as I'd like this to be our main forum and means of communication.

Eventually the structure of the meetups will be specific to a meeting if we're having them often enough. Lead discovery, financing, new legislation, tax benefits specific to Suffolk/Nassau ( HA I made a funny!). Hopefully after the group is a bit more networked we'll have guest speakers at every meeting to tackle a specific topic so it's not like many of the meetups I've been to where everyone is leeching off of the same few people. In order for the meetup to last symbiosis is required (that spell checked but I don't know if it's actually a word).

The most logical place that comes to mind for a Suffolk meetup right now is the Starbucks by Smithhaven Mall, perhaps the Panera that's right there. Panera would be a good serial location to start with as they're all over. West Babylon and West Islip I think have one. Port Jefferson and Port Jeff Station are right next to one. As I'm not completely familiar with Nassau I'm going to have to lean against someone else for locations there. I'm sure this is not difficult though. I'm going to go ahead and schedule the first and second meetups now ( executive decision as I'm the only one here right now). Smith Haven mall Panera Bread at 6PM. It's on the west side of the mall. There's a little strip mall in the parking lot of Smith Haven mall. Next to Aldi, in front of Ihop off of Alexander Ave @347. Tomorrow the 15th of August and next friday the 22nd of august. After more feedback on what days are good We can obviously change these. If you read this and it's 430 on Friday, don't worry about RSVPing, if you show I'll be there.

Look forward to feedback and hope to see everyone there!


I would love an official long island meet group.  I'm in Nassau so if you have any questions about locations feel free to ask.  I'm not sure I could make a weekly thing in Lake Grove, but I would definitely like a regular place to meet and talk.

Unfortunately, though, I am a beginner, having virtually no knowledge and actually no experience.  So, while I would like to participate (you can read that as "show up"), I know I would not be able to do much more than ask questions, shake hands, and laugh appropriately.

This Friday is a bit close for me to be able to plan to be there (I'll try), however I believe next Friday would be fine for me, and if it goes, I will be there and try to bring a few people.

An update: 

Yesterday's meetup was amazingly successful.  I left Panera with a full belly and through another 50 pages of my current read.  I didn't expect anyone to show up last minute but wanted to follow through as I said I would.  It was a little busy so that is something to consider for next weeks meetup.  We'll cross it when we come to it. 

I'm posting next week's meetup now.  I'm going to tag a few people in it (colleagues I've picked up through so Long Island posts I've been adjacent of. 

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