BP Boise Meet Up September 17th

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  • 09/17/14 06:00PM
  • The Ram Restaurant, Meridian
  • Free

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Hi Boise BP'ers - The next Boise/Treasure Valley BP Meet Up is scheduled for September 17th! Kids are back in school, time to focus and work our goals. Join us for an informal time of market discussion, networking, and Q & A about investing in our valley in Idaho.

Date: Wednesday, September 17th

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: The Ram Restaurant and Brewery in Meridian

3272 East Pine | Meridian, ID 83642

Please message me here or at [email protected] if you plan on making it! We are a diverse mix of experienced and new investors - all levels encouraged! 

Reminder: the Boise meet up is this Wednesday.  Many have said they haven't seen this info - so if you are in Boise and are seeing this, please let me know.   Looking forward to connecting.  Come meet other local investors, hear about the local market, and discuss strategy.  Looking forward to it! 

Hi Boise BP'ers - I checked with the Ram today related to exact location for where we will be sitting for the Boise meet up. when you walk into the Ram, go to the right and then turn left into the alcove area behind the "Borah Lions" banner.  

See you at 6 tomorrow (Wednesday)!  Feel free to grab a drink or dinner...totally optional.  

Thanks Boise BPers- that was productive and fun.  Loved seeing some new faces! 

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