San Jose Meetup - Wednesday September 24th

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  • 09/24/14 07:00PM
  • Harry's Hofbrau at 390 Saratoga ave in San Jose
  • Free

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Hey All,

My partner Greg and I host our next Meetup Wednesday September 24th in San Jose at Harry's Hofbrau.  We're in the private room all the way in the back.  While this is not a "BP Meetup", per se, we do have members and attendees every month who are part of the BP community.  We've got a good group of people who are there to network and share info, so please do attend if you are able.  Along with our usual networking we will have a "panel of lenders" who will provide some insights and field questions around how to find money for your deals.  They also have a ton of general real estate experience, so they can be tapped for that as well.  

Hope to see you there!




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Hi @Jeff Pollack  ,

I already had your meetup on my Calendar from your meetup group, and looking forward to join. I had the opportunity to meet you a couple times before - at least once at Joe Metz's meetup group in Fremont I believe. I've heard good things about your meetup group from others, and glad I finally get the chance to come join.

For anyone else down in San Jose, Palo Alto, etc, maybe you'd like to come out and join? @Kathryn M.  , @Minh Le  , @Jay Y.  ..., @David C.   want to drive down and meet some lenders? I can take a few in carpool if you don't mind leaving early (I want to miss traffic..) Hopefully the cities will catch the rest of folks..

Jeff and @J Martin ,

Mondays and Wednesdays are typically bad for me.  Wife has kickboxing class between 6:30 - 8:00pm so she doesn't come home until 8:30ish.  I will have to pass.  

Hi @Jeff Pollack ,

     Went to the 9/12 meetup. Didn't expect another one so soon. I would love to meet those lenders. About Joe and Dean's meetup, is it open to public ? Fremont is just next door to me. Do you have their meetup info ?

@Jeff Pollack  , thanks for bringing those three high level guests.  It was great & now I have more insight into hard money lending.  They were very informative and entertaining as well.

Hi @paul cheung,

Sorry you missed our Meetup.  If you would like more info on the lenders we had on our panel just PM me.  More info on Joe and Dean's Meetup in Fremont can be found on the Meetup home page.  Just search meetup, fremont. Real estate.  Google will work too.

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