RE Meetup On-site at Property in Oakland this Thurs, 10/2 @ 6:30PM

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RSVP on the Meetup Group if you would like to come or you won't have the address!

Networking meetup onsite at investor's duplex+ semi-fixer this Thursday, 10/2/14 @ 6:30PM in East Oakland, around Maxwell Park. You will receive the exact address by email through meetup, and I will send it no later than 24 hours before the meetup. Or check back here if you do not yet have it. Space is limited, so please only RSVP if you are going to come.

Have a chance to see a recent purchase, hear the vision of the owner, give feedback or tips, and of course have an opportunity to meet and network with other real estate investors! 

This deal belongs to Sam McClellan, a growing investor who's found some good ideas and inspiration between the Bigger Pockets community and our local meetups. Big thanks to Sam for hosting this meetup at his place. Sam works in the financial industry in San Francisco, and reminds me a little of myself a few years back!

Please bring your favorite beverage (alcohol OK) and/or some food to share with others. There is no cost for this meetup. The format is: We will hear from the owner about the deal, everyone will introduce themselves, what they are looking for or have to offer, interests, etc, then everyone is free to network with who they'd like to connect with, have a drink, some food, enjoy yourself.

It's always a rotating group of great people, and I learn something new and meet a new investor with a different outlook/strategy/interest ever time. Looking forward to seeing you there! Look at the group reviews if you've never been out! Beat the traffic from San Jose, or it's not too bad from Fremont. If you're in San Francisco, just hop across the Bay Bridge. And if you're in Richmond, Marin, or further up, reverse commute for you! Come say hello!

If you haven't yet joined the meetup group for my big RE Networking Summit on Nov. 15th & 16th @ SFSU, you're missing out! Click RSVP to buy tickets for the event - currently $200 for the weekend, including lunch, and is tax deductible!

It will be a great opportunity to get more targeted opportunities to network with other investors who are meaningful to your investment strategy, and interact and connect with an amazing group of speakers from around the Bay and across the country. It's a who's who of Bigger Pockets! They include:

• Bigger Pockets superstar, flipper, investor & BP Podcaster Brian Burke,

• Real estate networking legend & San Jose REIA President Geraldine Barry,

Brandon Turner, VP; Growth & Communications at Bigger Pockets, RE Investor, & Landlord. Host of BP Podcast w/ Josh Dorkin,

• 1031 Exchange expert and BP superstar Bill Exeter,

• Economist and RE Investor Howard Blum,

• Flipper, Wholesaler, & World Traveler Aaron Mazzrillo & BP Podcaster

• Marketing and Negotiating expert Michael Quarles, founder of & BP Podcaster

• "Leading Landlord" Al Williamson, Property Manager, Investor, Innovative Thinker & BP Podcaster

Marcia Maynard, Property Manager, Investor, & Serial BP Contributor & BP Podcaster

• Out of State Investors William Robison of Kansas City Investment Real Estate; Chris Clothier of MemphisInvest, DallasInvest, and HoustonInvest & BP Podcaster Jeff Ader of InvestIndy Brie Schmidt, of BBS Apartments, operating in Chicago & Milwaukee & BP Podcaster

What is the value of one great contact in real estate? or many?? Come meet other investors and potential partners in person, in a targeted Real Estate Networking event. Looking forward to introducing you to more investors there!

J Martin
[email protected]

bummer the summit is just before I will be back in town :/

@Eric Giovannucci  ,

Sorry you can't make it! Just connecting with the speakers is an awesome opportunity, on top of all the great investors there. What about this Thurs?

RSVP'd so Far:

Of course, @Sam McClellan  , owner of the property, will be there.

@Kathleen L.  , who loaned me some money to help fund the summit.. thanks!
@David C.  +1, who I assume is Chad, (also going to the Summit :)
@Doug Chinn, who has come out to several meetups
@Tariel Gusseinov, who I believe is the organizer of another meetup group also
and @Dave Trier, a local who's just getting active on BP.

Great crowd so far! Looking forward to seeing you all out there!

Awesome meetup! We had about 25 investors out to Sam's duplex to see what his purchase and numbers look like, talk about what we're working on, and meet some great folks!

Thanks again everyone for coming out! And to Sam for hosting us at his duplex! It was great hearing everyone’s different strategies, what they’re working on and looking for, and what routes there are to find new opportunities.

For those are interested in the weekend-long networking event on Nov 15 & 16 w/ 200 investors and about 20 awesome RE investor speakers, click RSVP at this link to get a ticket! $200 for the weekend. Tax deductible, and lunch included :)

J Martin
[email protected]

Sam M,

Thanks again for letting us come over and take over your place for the night! Everyone had a great time, and it’s always awesome looking at an individual deal. It’s sweet you’re barely even coming out of pocket to pay your first mortgage payment. That’s why I LOVE the duplex/4plex owner-occ vs the single family home when you’re trying to grow.. Thanks again!

Dave Trier,

Nice seeing you again, and hope you could make some potential contacts for a future off-market deal. Maybe Ed, Emmanuel, or someone else can try to get a wholesale deal, but it’s tough, especially as a retail buyer.. Short sales and foreclosures are another option. Just so tough in Bay Area with thin inventory, if you’re looking for something specific.

Troy Fisher,

Always a pleasure, and interested to see how the inland prospects pencil out. If you can find that homerun where 30% cash on cash is pretty promising, let me know so I can jump in on it with you! (Probably with a few other folks..). For those who don’t know Troy, he’s a meetup regular and has been looking for that sweet homerun. Looking forward to it too!

Emmanuel Cruz and Ed,

Good seeing you again. Hope the tips about the wholesaling people I’ve run into help out, and definitely check out Michael Quarles’ blog and Aaron Mazzrillo on Bigger Pockets. They’re both great wholesalers with excellent advice, very informative. There are links on the Summit website:
And check out Joe Metz’s meetup in Fremont, and Jeff Pollack & company’s Private Lending meetup in San Jose. Lots of wholesalers, flippers, and lenders there..

Daniel Shepstone,

Nice seeing you for the third day in a row! Lol I wish you could have seen Kathryn’s new place, but we’ll have a meetup there later… I can’t remember where we were at on the sewer laterals, but if you can do 2 for $11K, that’s about the same as we’ll pay with my other guy, assuming we have to do it after the cam.. Let me know. Don’t know how fun those jobs are, but it’s consistent business. Almost every sale.. Let me know when you want to do a meetup at the rehabbed Union St!


A pleasure as always, and thanks for the reminders on the other speakers for the Summit. I can’t even keep track any more as the list keeps growing! Dave Van Horn, note investor and seller will be joining to share also, as the most recent addition. I’m starting to peak into Pittsburgh & Antioch more.. Will probably be bouncing some things off you..

Judit K,

It’s always great to hear what you’re driving around and looking at. I’ve seen a few flips looking for partners, but they tend to be in the very high price points, which makes it tough for just anyone to jump in.. Get something locked up in contract so you can buy it/flip it/sell it! Glad you’re coming out to the Summit! It’s going to be a great event!

Anja and CHAD,

Great seeing you both again, and sorry you couldn’t stay late this time. This is actually the earliest I’ve ever been back home. I think around 10:30 or 11PM. Usually, it’s at least until 1! Good times though. I think Andrew (loan broker) is just about to get back from a trip. It’s definitely the first step in prospecting. Which reminds me, I need to contact him too.. Thanks for getting your tickets to the Summit, and looking forward to seeing you both there!

BeBe Cheng,

Glad you could make it out. Nice to see a few others like you, David, and myself bouncing back between Oakland & San Jose meetups. The next one is on the 18th in San Jose I believe. If you’re still seeing listings or deals below $100K in the Bay, shoot them over to me! I haven’t been seeing them..

Mel Selvidge,

Nice seeing you again. I like the vacation rental idea. I think it’s all about getting in the right market at the right price point. Apparently Andrew Fingado on BP has a South Lake Tahoe cabin that has been in the family for a long time, but they haven’t been able to operate it profitably due to what he believes to be over-supply there. Hope your current negotiations go well. I think I’m going to take a break until my big 203k project…

Bayo Emmanuel,

Great to meet another investor who’s very active in the market. It sounds like you and David Cheung have already run into each other out on open houses.. Most are still buying shorts sales, REO’s,, then adding a bed/ba, or just doing some quick repairs, paint, etc and get it right back out. Congrats on your success in RE, and on the car business.

Detra Harris,

Good to see you again too. From our prior emails, it sounds like you dove in since you got active again. Hope you can get those deals done! Good luck!


Thanks for coming out again. There are still deals out there. You just have to see how to get it from its current under-use to what it could be, and how much money/time/effort it will take to get there..


It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. Thanks for coming out! It’s always a nice crowd of different investors like this, so I encourage you to come back next time, and to check out some of the other meetup groups in the area. There are a lot of great contacts out there. Go explore!

KEM Partners, our newest attendees, welcome! Great smiles, great attitude, and nice meeting you at (both) meetups. I think you’re doing the right thing by meeting more investors and seeing what everyone is up to. Great way to build a buyer’s list, see what people are investing in, and make connection for the future. Good luck on your adventure!

David Cheung,

Always great to see you and hear more about your flipping experience, and progress on planning for more buy & hold. Have you seen all the <$100K 2/1 condos in Antioch? I was thinking about jumping in, since the BART is moving out there next year.. Give me a call if you want to talk about them.. Be sure to talk to Bayo. It sounds like you guys are working in the same market..


Nice seeing you again, for the second on-site project.. We’ll be doing lots more! And be sure to check out some of the other groups on meetup. There are a lot of great people out there.

Doug Chinn,

Thanks for coming back again. I think you’re a regular now! Again, I think there are still deals out there. You just have to pound the pavement, do the research, know your rents & ARV or drill down and figure them out, then get something locked up!

See you all next time!

J Martin
[email protected]

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