Tuscaloosa Alabama Real Estate Investors

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  • 11/05/14 06:00PM
  • Tuscaloosa Public Library, Main Branch, Rotary Room
  • Free

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Hi Guys,

 I am starting an investors group in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Our first meeting, which will be an informal meet and greet, will be held Nov. 5, 2014 at 6pm in the Rotary Room of the Tuscaloosa Public Library. I hope to have monthly meetings, and I am working on lining up a speaker for the December meeting. Everyone is invited. NO CHARGE.

Cindy Tolbert and Wayne Taylor have been hosting one on Hargrove road. There is unually 6-8 of us at each meeting. You might reach out to Cindy at (205) 393-1554 to see if you could combine both groups. 

Please keep me posted because I am glad to attend either way. 

I have been contacted by Cindy, but I have not heard from Wayne. I will try to coordinate with them on future meetings. However, I have reserved the Rotary Room at the library for Wednesday evening. I will show a video produced by Equity Trust on creating TAX FREE profits investing in real estate using an IRA. Everyone is invited.

Ralph Taylor, I think you will find the Equity Trust video interesting. The opportunity to invest with self directed retirement dollars in a tax advantaged account is a compelling opportunity as well as opens up a new source of funds for many people. I opened an account with E. T. earlier this year in order to do just that. I've funded two Jv's so far, one for a rhehab on a flip and another for a purchase/rehab/retail flip. I'm also jv invested on two other similar projects with personal dollars.  The advantage and disadvantage to using E.T. is their due diligence for the paper work. It must be right and they will not fund until it is. (This will keep one from disqualifying their retirement account) This may take up to a week to perfect so you will not be able to be reactionary to an opportunity. good or bad. There is a ton of info on the E.T. website for additional info. 

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