Houston Meetup - Nov 6, 2014

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BP Family,

We will have our next Houston meetup on Thursday, November 6th @ 6:30pm.

Brian has secured us a location in Midtown:


2303 Smith Street 3rd Floor

Houston, TX, 77006

Come join us for an evening of networking and knowledge sharing. Bring your questions and/or expertise!

We look forward to seeing you there!

I can't go!!!! :( Super disklike

Lifestyles Case Study is this night. 

@Erica Villarreal 

Oh that's right same night.  Are you the one that sings the Noble song?  That's important  ;)

Charles, I intend on making it again. It was a great time last time! 



Will defanatly attend. Sorry for missing it last time.

will try to make it this time.

@Jeffrey Butler   , sorry I didn't see this in time to give you much notice but have you seen this?

see you guys there. looking forward to it

I look forward to meeting y'all there tonight. 

@William Dampier  - You just missed our last one, but the next one will be in December.  We will post the date/time/location once its finalized.

Thanks to everyone who made it out this past week.  It was great meeting/catching up with everyone.

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