Networking Meetup this Thurs On-Site at AirBnB unit in Oakland

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I wanted to share two awesome upcoming events with you!

#1) I'm having a free RE Networking meetup this Thursday, 10/30 from 6PM-10PM at an AirBnB unit I rent out, and..

#2) There is an INSANE list of guest speakers and panelists for the upcoming RE Networking Summit on Nov 15 & 16 at SFSU! And a TON of great networking opportunities to advance your investing! Come out!

BP Podcast host Brandon Turner, Serial Developer & Crowd-funding enthusiast Bryan Hancock, 600+ flips Brian Burke, Wholesaler & Dealmaker extraordinaire Aaron Mazrillo, found of San Jose REIA & REI Voice Geraldine Barry, investors from at least 7 different states, and many more semi-famous real estate speakers and panelists will be out for the event, along with about 200 great investors. Don't miss your opportunity to make connections at the networking event of the year in the Bay! See below for more info and click RSVP to get a ticket:

Now back to #1)
In my never-ending quest to bring you on-site to different deals in Oakland to see what's going on, and to better connect, we'll have the next meetup at an AirB&B unit I rent out to guests, in addition to an apartment I rent in the same building. I'll go over some of the numbers, and why short-term furnished rentals can make some killer cash if you can efficiently deal with the management.. Everyone will also have a chance to introduce themselves and network.

Please RSVP, bring your favorite beverage or 6pack, and a snack to share. There is also a great taco truck, Vietnamese restaurant, and other delivery places nearby if you'd like to get something to eat. We'll start at 6PM, but feel free to come late. As usual, it will last until about 10PM (feel free to leave early, or come later if you're busy or in traffic..) It's always a great group of people, educational, and a great opportunity to make connections. I already found and partnered with 2 different people from meetup groups on my last deal! Come find yours!

You can park across the street from the venue, just to the right of the Vietnamese doctor's office in the parking lot (free). Otherwise, there is street parking all around. Look at the signs, but you should be OK from 6PM until you leave.

Looking forward to seeing some great regular investors, some new faces, and a bunch of good people :)

Rough Agenda:

6:00PM: Gather, get name tags, chat w/ other investors
6:30PM: Brief tour, numbers, and brief discussion about short-term furnished rentals.
6:45PM: Introductions, wants, haves, deals..
7:30PM: Networking w/ whoever you met / are interested in
Until.... ?? (last person usually leaves around midnight..)

Networking is such a great way to build deeper relationships with other investors, get better ideas, find more deals, develop more partners, and grow your investing. It's done a ton for me, so come see what it can do for you!

@Evan R.  , AirBnB data king, hope you can make it out.

And I wish @Matt R.  have already joined in.

There are usually about 30 investors or so that come out from Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, Fremont, Vallejo, and sometimes even from down in San Jose.

Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you there!

I'm giving a talk Thursday night, and I won't be able to able the start of your meetup. 

I'll swing by after my talk!

Originally posted by @Evan R. :

I'm giving a talk Thursday night, and I won't be able to able the start of your meetup. 

I'll swing by after my talk!

 We'll take you any time! What is your talk about?

Also, @David C.  , a meetup regular. We'll see who else joins in..


30 investors coming out tonight. Looking forward to meeting you all at my AirBnB unit tonight!!!

@J. Martin  Keep up the good work.  You are on your way to something big with your special skillsets.

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