November Meeting of South Austin (Coffee Talk)

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CHANGE IN PLANS!! Robert Young with The Texas Note Company, LLC, is available to speak at our November meeting of Coffee Talk. We don't want to miss this opportunity to hear about a subject that is of interest to a number of us. I expect we will get a chance to ask a few questions so bring yours along to the meeting.

Our November meeting will be Wednesday, November 12, 2014, at 10:00 am. Lynn's office is at 1107 S. 8th. St., Austin, TX, 78704. See you in the conference room.

Come on down to South Austin, the meeting is open to all.

Many thanks to Lynn for hosting our meeting.

Thanks for the reminder about tomorrow's meeting, Jim.

I've heard Robert speak at his monthly meeting here in town. I know he's also active in the Houston and Dallas markets. He brings much experience to the table 

Austin area BP investors, new to the group or not, come join us tomorrow at Mercury Mambo @ 10 AM. Bring your questions about Investing in Notes for Robert. This is our first BP meeting around the topic.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, before the holiday season begins. Lynn always has coffee for the group, especially with this wintery weathery already hitting Central Texas!

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