The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, North Houston Investor's Club Monthly Meeting Nov 17th 2014

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Join us for our monthly networking meeting, deal swaps and educational event on Real Estate.

With recovery in economy real estate price's are going up. Our area is seeing special boom due to the Exxon Mobile move here. As investors from outside are moving in our area and snatching properties its important that we as a community get involved.

Association goal is to help educate our friends and neighbors, our fire fighters, our teachers, our small business owners, our retirees and everyone else in the community how to invest in our community and build wealth at the same time. As a resident of our community we want to make sure that what makes our community so attractive stays that way. We live, play and work here. Outsider investors are not vested in our community and they can change the quality of life we all love.

Our goal is to educate and grow together with our community.

Learn how to invest as little as $5,000 - $10,000 secured by real estate.

Learn how you can use your IRAs to buy and flip real estate, Oil & Gas Wells and other unconventional investments.

Newbies and Wannabees - Meet experienced investors, listen to their deals, learn from them and invest in yourself.

Experienced Investors - If you are an investor who works ethically and believe in helping people you are welcome to join us. No cut throat investors please. We believe in collaboration not competition. Bring your deal to pitch to other investors to borrow money, form partnership or just lend to other investors for their deals. Active, passive and in between investors welcome.

Newbies to experienced investors will benefit from networking and getting to know our fellow investors in our community.

Service Providers - If you are a service provider who has ethical business practice and are looking for good people to work for. Please join us. Every one gets a chance to talk about their business and what they can offer to our members.

Please RSVP so we know the head count. Be sure to sign up for my meetup group at the following link, so you get the updates about any changes;

See you all there.

i should be there.

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