Peter Fortunato at the RICH Club in Houston! Nov. 15 & 16th

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RICH Presents - Peter Fortunato, the DealMaker

Converting Opportunities into Good Deals

Saturday November 15, 9am - 5pm

Sunday November 16, 9am - 5pm

RICH Conference Center

Come learn from the"Master Dealmaker" how to use this opportunity to make your DREAMS come true!

This November 15 and 16 RICH features trainer Peter Fortunato. Nationally known as an expert in using Real Estate creatively coupled with "paper" to formulate profitable Real Estate Transactions for the buyer, seller, and investor.

Learn how to create Profitable Transactions, Income and Wealth- Often without Cash, Credit, or Extensive connections. Discover negotiating techniques and paperwork which make the numbers work and allow for deals to happen.

Learn from one of the Masters on how to "Construct" Deals.

Hear Pete's clear, patient explanations, and practical insights. Peter has not been back to RICH in three years, You Do NOT want to miss this November's workshop.

Topics Pete will cover in detail include:

Promises for Property

Income for Use

Services for Property

Growth for Income

Management for Growth

Better Security for Better Terms

Toys for Property

Property for Property

Amortization for Cash Flow

Fixing for Profit

Income for Yield

Property for Debt Relief

Modifications for Property

Management for Income

Options for Down Payments

  • This is a class for the Advanced, Seasoned, Longevity Real Estate Investor who wants to make more money with creative solutions and desires to grow to the next level with their business.

    It’s a wonderful opportunity to catch Peter live in Houston Texas.

    About Peter Fortunato

    Peter needs no introduction to veterans in the field of real estate investing. He believes that transactions which you can be proud of result from carefully conceived goals and plans followed by purposeful actions and scrupulous documentation. He is highly respected within the Real Estate investment community for his clear and patient explanations of investment concepts and transactions.

    After graduating for high school in 1965, Peter went right into the real state business. A major reason was his desire to be self-employed. As peter says "Almost everyone who knew me believed that I was unemployable. They were right. I still am!"

    His greater goal was to be unemployed and free from being tied to an employer with enough asset-produced income to fund the lifestyle he wished to lead.

    Peter attended seminars and read at every opportunity. He sought out and learned from many mentors who unselfishly made themselves available to him. He benefits from the example and counsel of his father who encouraged him and who came up with needed cash for Peter's first real estate purchase.

    When Peter finished college in 1970, he graduated with a clientele and an investment portfolio already established.

    Peter has been dubbed one of the "MILLIONAIRE MAKERS" by many of his peers because so many of his past students have achieved financial success using many of creative money-making techniques for the acquisition and disposition of Real Property. Peter, a capitalist, is Nationally known as an expert in using Real Estate creatively coupled with "paper" to formulate profitable Real Estate Transactions with real benefits for he buyer, seller and investor.

    Lunch both days included

Members and guests welcomed!

RICH Members $397 till November 12

Non-Members - $447 till November 12

Use the code "save50" to receive a $50 discount on your registration!

did you mean 

There will beABSOLUTELY NO pitching of products, services or properties at this event!?

I can't imagine Peter would be involved with a PITCH FEST

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