DFWs Non Profit Real Estate Investment Education Group - This Saturday

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  • 12/13/14 12:00PM
  • 17950 Preston Road, Dallas, TX
  • Free

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Do you have any questions about a wholesale transaction? Contracts? Closing procedures? How to find your buyers? Sellers? Marketing? We will have a presentation together for you with an open discussion to fill in all the gaps you may have. Come prepared because this will not be your typical REIA, nothing but content and a LOT of it.

Go to http://www.meetup.com/DFWs-Non-Profit-Real-Estate-... to see event details and location.

Are you tired of seeking out education to help grow your real estate investing, but keep finding pitch after pitch from some "guru" launching their next "$997" product? Ever purchased a seminar just to walk away with less than half of what you truly need to be effective? Then being pitched some mentorship/coaching at some crazy cost while the speaker is preaching that my "insert what's being sold here" is your key to success? I don't know about you but I am! I have spent well over six figures on my real estate investing education, and will be the first to say everybody needs a mentor/coach. What I don't agree with is the people that make their money from selling seminars instead of real estate transactions, selling hype not results, and ultimately have no clue what it takes to create a profitable real estate business from the ground up. I have been investing in real estate for almost a decade now, completing over 20 transactions in 2014 alone, and am willing to share everything I can to help others grow. Why? Because when I started there was no one standing around to ask for advice, and if I can provide that to others I am more than happy to pay my success forward. Our content will cover all topics from beginning to advanced: wholesales, rehabs, short sales, contracts, title procedures, subject to, owner financing, wrap mortgages, tax liens and deeds, foreclosure, Dodd-Frank, and much much more. In addition we will allow a chance for all members to present any current deals they are looking at selling to the group, networking events, and a chance to grow your knowledge without touching your bank account. Cheers!


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