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Greetings fellow real estate addicts!

I am a Realtor and investment broker (I understand investing and nearly half of my clients are investors).  I hail from Goldens Realty in Cary, NC.  

Like many of you, I have ambitious goals to become a full time investor. For me, the goal is to have a mix of multi-family, single-family and eventually start a real estate syndication company. One of the more immediate goals, was to organize and start the first ever, BiggerPockets monthly meet-up for this area.  I reached out to Joshua Dork and Brandon Turner regarding this and they gave me their blessing. Needless to say, I was excited!

Our inaugural meet will be Wednesday January 14th, 2015. It will be monthly until we grow some more and people can't get enough of it. At this point, we will switch to a bi-weekly meet for a while and maybe eventually have it weekly.

Everyone is welcome to come, regardless of what your career is and how much (or little) experience you have. Apart from buying a sandwich or coffee for yourself, there are no fees...period. We also want to avoid pitching of products or services. Now, members doing business with each other is inevitable and obviously very profitable...its just we don't want people coming in and trying to 'inorganically' sell.  

The only agenda we are looking to develop, is one where we can have planned discussions on decided topics. For example, if you have ample experience with buying foreclosures, you could run the discussion and educate those who are not as familiar with the process.  

My goal is to keep this a 'better than thou'-free meet.  No investor hierarchy. Just learning, networking, mentorship, and inevitably, partnerships.

I'm looking forward to meeting with those who have already 'RSVP'd' to the meet and all you others who are just now reading this. 

Our Facebook page for this meet is: 


Hop on over, like the page, join the discussion and let me know if you can make it so I can try to figure out a table plan.

Happy investing to you all!


I can be reached by:

Email: [email protected]

Cell: (919) 337-7765

Thanks for organizing!  Looking forward to it...


Please note that both the event time and location have been changed from what is posted above. 

The date is the same. Wednesday, Janurary 14th, 2015 at the Apex Eva Perry Library from 5-6:30pm. It will be held in their conference room. 

We are not allowed to provide you with coffee, but I will bring water bottles. I was told that each person is welcome to bring their own coffee/drinks as long as there is a lid. Looking forward to it!

James, Id love to attend but as I work full time, the 5pm time slot is not doable for me. Please keep me up to date and when the next meeting will be. Im looking to build,buy real estae across the mid atlantic area.


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