New Hampshire/ Massachusetts Investor Let's get together and talk real estate investing.

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Hope to see you at our 1st Monthly Real Estate Investor Network meeting Wed. Jan. 21st at 7pm! Please help spread the word to everyone you think may be interested in joining us!

@Gal Peretz  excited to see an investor meeting coming back to Nashua NH.

I am pretty sure I will be able to make it and looking forward to it.

Since the Nashua REIA went under there has definitely been a void in southern NH for people that want to network with a good mix of people interested in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. NHREIA is just to far away in Manchester for most MA people and NEREIA in Chelmsford is pretty good for that but still nice to have a NH based option too.

I should be able to make it too.  

Is the time really 739?  Kind of a random number but its a tavern so I'm sure if I arrive nine minutes early I can get a head start on a manhattan.   

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