Central Valley, CA Let's Meetup Wednesday 02/04/2015

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  • 02/04/15 05:00PM
  • 1110 Tully Road, Suite B, Modesto, CA
  • Free

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Hey Central Valley investors.  Who would like to start meeting up on a regular basis?

My husband and I are somewhat new to the Bigger Pockets community.  We own a private money lending company and are excited to be trying our hand at flipping and wholesaling.  We have a lot to learn.  We look forward to meeting others in our community who are already successful.  Also we look forward to creating mutually beneficial relationships with like minded professionals.

We have an office with a lot of space for meeting up.  It would be great if everyone brought a snack and drinks to share.  It will be a good place to start and see if we would all like to make more of a habit of meeting together in our valley.

My apologies.  The date should be Thursday, February 5, 2014.  I am not sure how to edit the above post to alleviate confusion.

I would love to attend but, I have work in the evenings. Maybe I'll catch the next one. You should create a meet up on meetup(Dot)com, I know a few investors who would love to come. 


Thank you for the response.  I will set a future date and be sure to use meetup.  


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