FAIRFIELD, CT Meet-Up, Wed. Feb. 25 @7pm in Fairfield

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Hi Connecticut Investors,

We have been having meet-ups at Anna Liffey's in Fairfield, (last month we had about 35 investors/service professionals) and we're looking forward to seeing everyone for the February 25 meet-up! 

It's at a local bar, it's 100% free (no pitching, no lectures or other products) - it's a relaxed environment. The meet-up is from 7pm - 9pm, and around 7:45pm everyone has been introducing themselves to the group.

Please post if you can make it!

Also, please buy one drink (non-alcoholic is fine) from the bar to support Anna Liffey's for allowing us to use their space.

We have had buy-and-hold investors, rehabbers, wholesalers, agents, commercial brokers, lenders, syndicators, a BP podcast guest, attorneys, and other service professionals from all over the state of Connecticut.

[Anna Liffey's is located @ 1494 Post Road, Fairfield CT 06824 (http://annaliffeys.com/), and the back room is reserved for us. ACROSS THE STREET FROM VICTORIA'S SECRET THERE IS A FREE PUBLIC PARKING LOT ACROSS THE STREET.]

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Count me in, my friend- If anyone can recommend/refer a good investor friendly accountant in the area to me i'll be your best friend :) and will even cover your first drink! looking to make a switch this year.



Looking forward to seeing the many Connecticut investors tomorrow night! Thanks to everyone that posted in this forum, and if anyone else plans to make it - please post here.

It was great to meet up with everyone who attended Wednesday night. Thanks to Jonathan for setting this up. I look forward to the next one and it would be great to do some one-on-one  get together's to find out more about you and how i might be able to help you with your investing. 

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