March 12 Long Island Meetup - Finding Apartment Deals

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  • 03/12/15 06:30PM
  • Hotel Viana, 3998 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury
  • Free

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Looking forward to the next Long Island Multifamily Investor Group:

How to Find an Apartment Deal

For many investors, this topic is a challenge. How do YOU find apartment deals?

I truly believe that there is an apartment deal out there for each unique investor, but you need to understand how to look for apartment deals.  

Join us for our March meeting of the LI Multifamily Investor Group, where in addition to multiple networking breaks we will dive into:

- Initial Deal Scrub – Telling the “Deals” from the “Dogs

- Deal Sourcing – the most proven ways to build your pipeline

- Dealing with Commercial Brokers – What to ask, what to know

Bring your questions to this forum, we welcome questions and want to be your local resource for all things multifamily.

We were standing room only last month, make sure that you register here!

We are hosting this meeting March 12th at the Hotel Viana, 3998 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury. We kick off the meeting at 6:30!

Free for first time attendees.  Repeat attendees will be charged $25.


When I go to the link it says the meeting is in Plainview, is that a different meeting?

It also says its $25 and you need your credit card info. to register online. Can you just let me know how I can sign up and which place it will be held at.


Hey Andrew,

When I clicked on the link it took me woodbury.  Free for you as a first time attendee.  Let me know if you have still be unable to register.




Never mind the last post, I just received an email that I am signed up.


Great, looking forward to it.  See you there

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