February 25th San Jose Meetup featuring Brett Jennings

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Hi all,

Wednesday night, February 25th we'll be having our monthly meeting of the San Jose Real Estate Networking Club. Our speaker will be Brett Jennings. Brett is an investor/agent/author and overall super knowledgeable and creative guy.  He will, among other things, discuss ways to squeeze every cent out of your flips and talk about some interesting marketing techniques he uses.

Additionally, we will have a short cameo appearance by Michael Quarles, who requested "Ten minutes with the crowd." 


Meeting Agenda

7:00 Networking

7:10 Announcements, "Haves & Wants"

7:20 Michael Quarles

7:35 Market Update

7:45 Guest Speaker - Brett Jennings

9:00 Networking, drinks at the bar, etc

Hope to see y'all there!



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@David C.  

 Glad you could make it and enjoyed the content.  Brett knows his stuff.  I've successfully employed some of his tactics.

Bummer that Michael had to cancel, but he will be coming next month as the featured guest again.

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