Where: Bellevue Red Lion Hotel
When: Thursday, February 26, 2015
Doors Open: 6:00pm

Hey Bigger Pockets Community. REAPS welcomes Brian and Lynette Wolff as our guest speakers this month in Bellevue, WA. We’d love to have you join us. Our meetings are FUN and full of active investors doing deals all around the Puget Sound area. If you have never attended one of our main events then please be our guest for free to your first meeting! Just register online and use promo code “bigger” at checkout. Here’s the link:


What happens at a REAPS meeting? A lot! Doors open at 6:00pm in to our amazing networking room. Meet vendors and other members and see what kind of people join REAPS.  Food is served and the company is great. Pose a question about real estate to any of our volunteers at the Genius Bar or attend our Orientation at 6:30pm where we cover all the reasons why REAPS is one of the best Professional Associations in the nation for real estate investors. At 7:00pm our make your way into the ballroom for our jam-packed main meeting with your host and President, Katherine Swanberg. Watch as members announce what they have and what they need during the “Haves and Wants” round.  Learn about the current real estate market during our Market Update. Then, stick around to see our guest speaker. We look forward to having you as our guest.

Brian and Lynette Wolff will be teaching number 2 of 8 full-day trainings for us on Saturday February 28th. For registration and details click here. Remember you can attend ONE Saturday training per year with your membership for FREE.

Many of you may already know the Wolff Couple, Brian and Lynette, since they’ve spoken for us during Ron LeGrand's bootcamp last year.  For over 10 years they’ve been teaching students all across the country about the 8 Real Estate Investing Deals that make big money.  Over that time the Wolffs have worked alongside respected guru Ron LeGrand, creating investing systems with him and also teaching his events.  Lynette and Brian have over 40 years of combined experience in real estate, both starting as Realtors.  In new home sales Lynette set the Arizona state record for 41 homes sold in one month (she’ll teach you how to use urgency and the right scripts to sell your houses fast)!  Brian was the #1 Salesperson in the nation for Ameriquest Mortgage, and he also managed an office for them (now he’s an expert in structuring Pretty House financing). 

Then the Wolffs found Ron LeGrand and creative Real Estate Investing.  They got their life back and made more money than ever.  They’ll show you how YOU CAN TOO!  They continue to have a thriving investing business today, and they’ll demonstrate how to duplicate their amazing Automation Systems so you can work less and make more. The Wolffs believe that “The System is the Solution.”  Brian comes from a family of engineers, and he’s taken that “thinker brain” attention to detail and applied it to all his Checklists for Real Estate Investing.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota and wrote movies in L.A. for years, and he used that experience to put together powerful Scripts for every Closing Call and every objection you face as an investor.  That automatically gives you so much confidence!


Lynette brings so much energy and enthusiasm to every event and every call.  Her motto is “Take Action!”  After she teaches you how, you’ll be raring to Take Action yourself and close more deals!  She loves making the LIVE Closing Calls that the Wolffs are famous for, that make their students cash money! The Wolffs teach in such a warm and conversational tone, they make it very easy and enjoyable to learn.  They even show real-world investing scenarios role-played up on the screen, and everyone role plays and gets involved.  Lynette also loves to give out lots of free stuff, shirts and cups and other goodies, plus 3 grand prizes worth thousands of dollars.  People call the Wolffs the best entertainers in the business, they definitely get everybody up and moving!  While the Wolff Couple are both funny and lots of fun, they are also deadly serious about teaching you exactly what it takes to make big money the quickest and easiest ways. The Wolffs focus heavily on teaching the Key Habits of Successful Investors, and how you can install them in your own business immediately.  One of the crucial concepts they stress is that “Habits Determine Destiny.”  The Wolffs’ 8 Step-by-Step Checklists for every kind of deal are renowned and revolutionary for your business.  So is their massively time-saving “Quick Start Daily Plan”, which keeps you perfectly focused on developing the right Habits in your first 30 days.  The Wolff Couple also understand how success truly has more to do with the emotional side of the business than the mechanics of it.  They know that the one main thing that holds people back is Fear, so they teach a special session on the “20 Surefire Techniques to Master All Fear.” 

The Wolffs love helping their students overcome any and all obstacles to reaching their goals.  They truly care about their students, and their mission is to help investors everywhere “Take Action!”  Successful Investors all across America use the Wolff Couple’s proven Systems, Scripts, and powerful Checklists every day to make big checks.  You definitely do not want to miss the amazing Wolff Couple!

REAPS Members free when you pre-register
Guests: $20 online, $25 at the door
Promo Code: "bigger"

Bellevue Red Lion Hotel
11211 Main Street
Bellevue, WA