Real Estate Playdate - Networking event for REI who are parents (NYC Metro)

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Hi All,

Reposting because I didn't post in the right place at first.

*Times below are tentative. I will confirm time and date after I hear back from people who are interested*

An event where we can talk about managing sitters and managing contractors in the same place .

I have just began to attend networking events in the NYC Metro, NJ area, and having a great time beginning get to know everyone. I think the area seems well served on the networking area, but I thought it would be great to add one more to the mix, this time targeted to those of us who are investors and also parents of young children.

In these events, we will network/ get to know each other, but later we could also organize talks/ readings/ discussions on topics related to real estate investing and/or REI parenting (the usual topics and/or things life-work balance, teaching children to invest, estate preparation etc, etc).

But here is the twist: at least for some of the events, no sitter needed (just like this lady :-)), we could have at least some of our meetings during a playdate. I have organized this type of thing (outside of RE, in a small business I have) with surprising success (as long as everyone involved is flexible :-).

The events would be free, potluck style (at the moment not linked to any products or services or agendas, just a fun way to network with other parent investors). I would be happy to host/ organize. We can change the nature of the group to suit our needs.

I am in Maplewood, NJ. It would great with people in the surrounding areas (say based on or interested in Maplewood, South Orange, Montclair, Newark, Bloomfield, Nutley, etc... feel free to mention other places in the comment to trigger those keyword alerts :-)). Also, very easy access (train) to investors in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, etc. (or we could organize it there, depending on who shows interest).

If interested, just let me know here and/or pm. I have a few people interested already.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I have an event that day, but my wife and I would be interested in attending future meetups.  Please let us know if you will be hosting any other events.

That's awesome, @Michael Baker . I actually just put that date as a placeholder, so maybe it will workout for you guys to attend. I have found other people interested in my local region. I'll coordinate with everybody to try an find a good date soon.

Looking forward to meeting you,


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