Denver Househacker Meetup 3/28

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  • 03/28/15 03:00AM
  • St. Mark's 2019 E 17th, Denver
  • Free

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I'm hosting an informal meeting for Denver investors interested in house-hacking (owner occupying a multi-family property).  Come hear from some recently successful duplex investors (@Lucas Miller and hopefully @Scott Trench  and @Walker Hinshaw ) who will share their experiences with you.  I'll be talking about tricks for finding properties in this challenging market and the purchase process. Bring your questions and personal experiences to share.

Date: Saturday 3/28 3:00pm

Location: St. Mark's Coffeehouse 2019 E 17th (they have coffee, beer, and food)

The host of this event certifies that there will be no pitching of services yadda yadda, the purpose of this meeting is to connect new investors with experienced ones and provide information to help you achieve your goals.  Everyone is welcome.

@Micki M.   Great idea for a meetup!  House hacking is such a great strategy to start out.  I wish I could go back in time and house hack when I had the opportunity.  The wife and kids aren't down with that plan now though, haha!  To anyone interested though, I'm sure this will be a great meetup.

I'm with @Andrew Johnson if only I knew then what I knew now. A seven month old and a house we love makes it hard to think about house hacking. Sounds like it will be a great meetup!

Thanks, @Micki M. , house hacking isn't just for single folks! My wife and I have a six month old. You should come and share how you wish you had house hacked! Might give a unique perspective.  

@Lucas Miller   Oh, I know it's not just for singles.  I am with you on that.

I might just stop by.  I think it's such a great strategy.  I am interested in purchasing a duplex, I'm just not able to move into one.  We love our house too much too!

@Andrew Johnson

 come on down, we will be talking about shopping for multi-family, there's no rule you have to move into it.

@Micki M. Haha....sounds good!    Thanks for putting it together.

Sounds great!

@Micki M.  hope to see you there as well, even if it is just to hang out with some fellow Denver investors and talk shop!

I may or may not show up @Micki M. . Either way, I think it's a great idea.

I've used this strategy 3 times so far and could definitely speak to its effectiveness as a starting point. While it's not my current direction, I have a few friends I've been pushing this way. If they are reluctant at all to attend, I'll have to drag them there for a beer at the very least.

Originally posted by @Walker Hinshaw :

@Micki M. may have rugby but I plan on bringing a friend who is considering a move to Denver and looking to house hack. 

Ah - I probably DO have rugby that day, but may be able to show up afterwards - perhaps a little late (and muddy/sweaty) but I will definitely try to make it!

Sounds like a great meetup.  I'll try to make it!

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