Volunteer Meetup in Oakland Sat, 3/14 @ 9AM! Come help clean up Eastlake!

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Live, work, or invest in Oakland? Or closeby in Emeryville, Fremont, Richmond, San Francisco, Berkeley? Just want to give back to the Bay?

Come Volunteer to help clean up Oakland this Saturday and chat about real estate! RSVP below.


I'll be joining other Oaklanders, Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf, Supervisors, and Police officers to help clean up the Eastlake neighborhood in Oakland. We can chat about Real Estate and Oakland as we help improve the neighborhood, pick up trash, paint over graffiti, etc. Clean-up is from 9-11 AM. Then we can grab some lunch by beautiful Lake Merritt and sit down and chat. Families are welcome. There's room for everyone to help!

Place: Clinton Park (Corner of 7th Ave and International Blvd.)
Address: 655 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94606
Time: 9 AM - 11AM Cleanup and chat. 11AM - ? Lunch by Lake Merritt
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015

We have 6 investors coming out so far..
@Arlen Chou and guest, @Kyle Zaylor , @Mel Selvidge , @Jessica Skupien, @Julia, and myself. Hopefully we can get some other Oaklanders like @Shiloe B. , @Justin Hu... feel free to tag others!

Any and all welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!

I wanted to give a big thank you to the awesome investors who came out to help clean up Oakland the Eastlake neighborhood and chat a bit last Saturday. You all rock!

@Arlen Chou & guests, @Mel Selvidge & "J", @Kyle Zaylor , @Eva Poon & Guest, and @Ben Brunetti . At 10 strong, we were a force out there! I'm not a big fan of showing up anywhere before 9am on a Saturday, but glad we were all able to come help out :) Even got to meet the Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaff, so that was a nice little cherry on top.. She has a nice smile ;)

@J. Martin

Thanks for notifying the BP community about the cleanup. Had a great time and got to talk with the mayor about reopening a school in my neighborhood. Definitely a great event! Hope you guys enjoyed the dance after I left ;)

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