Treasure Valley Women in Real Estate Networking and Learning - April 1 in Boise

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  • 04/01/15 06:30PM
  • Cafe Ole on Milwaukee Street
  • Free

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BP'er @Lisa Kohl - has started a valuable new group for women who are current or aspiring real estate investors in Boise.   First gathering is at 6:30pm on Wednesday, April 1st, at Cafe Ole on Milwaukee.  

Check it out!

@Jonna Weber & @Lisa Kohl,

I think we all know real estate has tended to be a male-heavy industry, so I'm stoked you two put something together to bring together women, and hopefully make them comfortable in this meetup environment.

I run a real estate meetup in Oakland, and I want to ask you two if there are any ways you think I can change or tweak the meetup or format to encourage more women to feel comfortable, enjoy the meetup, and make connections with others.

Any specific tips you think women would appreciate? My meetup group is in my signature if that helps..

Good work Jonna & Lisa! :)

@J. Martin   - Thanks so much!  I will let @Lisa Kohl chime in, as this was her idea, but really I think your meet up looks great, and I know you have been really successful.  I am sure there are many women in my position - I have an extremely supportive and informed husband, but I am primarily the one that runs the day to day investment business. It only makes sense that I am the one networking.  I do think a side group in addition to your meet ups (monthly lunch or other format) led by a female investor in your area would add great value to many women.  

Hi @J. Martin - this will be our first test drive with the women's group. Like Jonna Weber mentioned it may be a good idea to partner with a female investor to either help lead the group or do a separate type of meetup all together. We've started to get traffic on our meetup page so it'll be interesting to see how our first meetup will go. 

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