5/27 Landlord/Tenant issues, Depot deals & Become a Real Estate Agent in New Hampshire?

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  • 05/27/15 06:30PM
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua, NH 03063
  • $10.00

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Wednesday 5/27/15 we meet in Nashua

No charge to MassRealEstate.net members, Only $10. For guests or $99./year to join both (for now;-)
* Attorney Fred on Landlord Tenant issues.

* Tracey from the proDesk at Home Depot Coliseum Avenue, Nashua.

* Susan Barry from THE most successful RE Agent School in New Hampshire and she’s bringing some of her most successful students!

Of course Buy-Sell-Networking, RE and Finance market update and our three featured speakers!
By the Bye at Depot
1. Ask Melissa at the 288 DW Hway, Nashua, ProDesk for her Clearance Specials on Pneumatic nail guns and the nails they use!
2. Tracey at the 12 Coliseum Ave, Nashua ProDesk has a special on CO & Smoke detectors regularly $54. But only $29.47 when you buy 48 or more (a lot for most of us, maybe two or three guys together?)
3. You can ask Holly at the 129 March Ave, Manchester ProDesk about the Great Deal she has on projects over $1000. That her “Your Other Warehouse” will quote on. The price of flooring was hard for me to believe!

This evening, Think you know how "easy" it is to evict Tenants in NH? You may be surprised but you'll know what it takes after this meeting with Attorney Fred, the Top Landlord Tenant Attorney in Southern, NH!

There does not seem to be any disadvantage to becoming a RE Agent in NH (especially when you learn about the Reciprocal arrangement they have with some other states) You'll learn How, Why and some Networking techniques Susan's school uses which just happens to be the Top RE Agent School in all NH.

also Wholesaling misconceptions exposed, Buy-Sell-Networking.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua, NH 03063 Doors open at 6:00pm we begin at 6:30 Recap and adjourn at 9:00 Only $10 for guests, Only $99.00/year to join. Members of MassRealEstate.net No Charge

See you there, Mike Hurney, 781-405-1845 cell

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