Next Central Connecticut Meet Up: June 10, 7p!

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  • 06/10/15 07:00PM
  • Wood n Tap, Rocky Hill
  • Free

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Our next scheduled meet up for local investors is rapidly approaching!  If you or someone you know is from the Central CT or surrounding area and are interested in real estate investing, come and join us!  We typically have a diverse group of folks who attend, including residential/commercial investors, realtors, brokers, attorneys, property managers, and contractors.  These are great events for networking, and as we all know, your net worth is only as big as your network!  So why not come and join us?

Hope everyone can make it! If you do plan on attending, please chime in!


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Hi Salvatore, 

I am completely new to the world of real estate investing and would love to meet with everyone. Everything I am reading talks about having a strong network of people around in order to be successful. 

Are there any requirements for attending? 

@Daniel Frigo All I ask is that you support Wood n Tap and buy something to eat or drink.  Otherwise, just show up!  Its free, and I would bring some business cards.

Just as a reminder, our meet up is happening tomorrow night!  Hope to see you all there!

Hi Salvatore, I am new to the Bigger Pockets forum and to real-estate investing and would also love to meet you and others at Wood n' Tap. Is there a usual spot where you all meet up at the restaurant?

I look forward to meeting you!

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Hi Salvatore,

I am also new to the Bigger Pockets forum and real-estate investing. So new that I do not even have business cards or my picture posted yet.  I am looking forward to tonight, see you at 7pm.

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