Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup (+235 members): Q&A with Chris Clothier, BP Blogger and Partner, Memphis Invest (June 20)

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  • 06/20/15 01:00PM
  • Young Samsung Life Cafe, outside exit #8 Hongik Subway Station
  • $5

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Don't miss the opportunity to attend the next Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup happening on Saturday, June 20, 1-3p at the YoungSamsung Life Cafe, located right next to Hongik Subway Station, exit #8

Click here for Directions. (This meetup takes place in Korea)

We are super excited to announce this month's virtual guest - none other than BiggerPocket's own: Chris Clothier of Memphis Invest.

Chris, as BP members know, is a featured blogger on BiggerPockets and his companies manage over $300m in assets. Memphis Invest is one of the largest home buyers in the country. Chris has been featured twice on BiggerPockets Podcast, including his latest interview BiggerPockets Podcast #122.

Chris joins our growing list of virtual speakers that includes:

Brandon Turner

Joshua Dorkin

Ali Boone

Engelo Rumora

Matt Faircloth

In addition to Chris, we'll also look to bring on a Korea-focused REI expert. Last month, we were looking to bring a licensed Korean securities expert to our meeting but she was unable to attend. We'll see if we can get her for this month.

We have a beautiful venue that features lots of room for networking:

(Beverages are free!)

There will be a 5,000 W door charge to help us cover some of the costs associated with our meetup.

More about us

You might have heard us mentioned on one of the BP Podcasts or read about us in a BP Post (this was by BP CEO, Joshua Dorkin: )

Our group is made of investors working and living in Korea. Some of our members are military members stationed overseas. Some are civilian contractors. We also have teachers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, a film director, etc. Many of our members are interested in US investing, especially in turnkey, single family, flipping, and multifamily residences.

We also have Korean investors and members interested in investing in Korean markets. Our members are made up of people from all over including: Hong Kong, Uzebekistan, Taiwan, Ireland, England, Bali, Canada, the US, etc.

Our meetups are conducted in English.

Our members are currently invested in:


Jacksonville & Miami, Florida; Illinois; Kansas City, Missouri; Canada; Michigan; Indianapolis; Las Vegas, Nevada; Nebraska; CA; Yuma, AZ.


Hong Kong; Ireland; the Philippines; Taiwan; Busan & Seoul, Korea

(I'm sure I'm missing a few places)

Currently, our group is divided into three parts:


Interested in Speaking?

We welcome investors and operators who would like to build relationships with our members by first delivering value and helping to educate our members.

To Attend:

RSVP for the next event on Saturday, June 20, 1-3p (Korea time) by clicking on the link below:

Thanks, and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Dan Ryu,

Co-Organizer of the Seoul Real Estate Investing Meetup

More about me:

My BP Profile

Podcast Interview on my 17 years in Korea

And here's a shout out to all our BP members (that I know of.. I know there are more!):

@Sandra Roddy , @Dustin Karns , @Paul Wurster , @Jacob Michaels , @Account Closed ","user_avatar":{"medium":{"url":""}}}" href="/users/JohnK42">@Account Closed , @richard harrington

Originally posted by @Matthew Schroeder :

Sounds like another excellent meeting @Daniel Ryu - good luck with it!

Thanks Matthew!

I hope you're still able to make it out here in September ^^

There was a really interesting AMCHAM meeting set up for this Thursday at the JW Marriot that I wanted to attend - it was focused on helping investors bring Asian money to invest in the US. Asian investment in commercial US properties has doubled from 2012 from $4.3bn to $8.6bn in 2013 and is expected to surpass $14bn. But it got cancelled - Speakers said they had another booking, but I'm thinking it's related to the MERS scare out here. 

Schools have been shut for a week but they'll be opening again tomorrow.

Looks like the public has calmed a bit now. I don't think anyone was really panicking.. but things were pretty quiet last week in public spaces.

I also started taking a Coursera course on computational finance and modeling using R. It's been cool so far, and I just started the Big Short by Michael Lewis. I wish I'd known Dr. Michael Burry when I was at UCLA (dude featured in the book that helped originate credit default swaps and predicted the crash).

Anyways, if you do make it out, send me a message!

The Big Short is one of my favorite books of all time!!!  I was working at Citigroup in Risk Management during that time (2007-2008) so the credit crisis did not come as a great surprise given all of the signs in the lead up - however, the magnitude & severity surely caught everyone by surprise and those people/investors who levered up in anticipation made an absolute fortune!  

Michael Burry is a great character in the book, but so is Steve Eisman - he is absolutely priceless!  You will see as you read the book.  The movie is scheduled to come out sometime in 2016 with an all-star cast including Brad Pitt.

@Matthew Schroeder

Yeah.. Eisman sounds awesome so far...

"Your financials are worth toilet paper!!"

Wow.. working for Citigroup during the height of it.. Sounds like you have some interesting stories to tell..

Alright.. I'm looking forward to the movie as well. Hope it's good.

Stay in touch!

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