Detroit Michigan Monthly Meetup July 2015

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The July edition of the Metro Detroit Real Estate Investors Meetup will be at Gator Jakes at 36863 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48312 on Tuesday the 14th, starting at 6:30 p.m. This is a free meeting with the aim of helping local investors meet each other, learn, help and further their real estate investing business.

We've been averaging 25- 30 people since starting in late 2013, from total newbies to investors with decades of experience and many deals under their belt. There's no charge except for any food/beverages you order and we're a friendly, helpful bunch so there's no reason for beginners not to come out.

There also are always a good number of experienced, active investors who are doing business in metro Detroit right now, buying and selling properties, doing flips, landlording, funding deals, building new houses, wholesaling, lease-optioning and executing other strategies. There are usually a few investing "team" members in attendance as well -- title company reps, mortgage pros and investor insurance experts.

I hope to meet you there, or see you again if you've already attended.

More info is available at the Facebook event page, and you can RSVP there although it's not absolutely necessary.

Thanks @Mark Nolan , there are several regular attendees who use SDIRAs and Solo 401k's to fund real estate investments or lend to other investors. There are also investor-borrowers there that have done deals after getting to know potential lenders at meetings like this. Capitalism in action. The online networking continues on our FB group at