Toledo Under40 Real Estate Meetup - "How To Find Great Deals"

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  • 08/20/15 07:00PM
  • 5313 Secor Rd, Toledo OH 43623
  • Free

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For this months topic, we will be answering the question of "How To Find Great Deals".

Engelo Rumora, host of the Toledo Under40 Real Estate Meetup has been involved in over 300 deals during the past 4 years. He will be sharing a quick 20min presentation on the different sources he uses to find great deals.

G'Day everyone,

I hope you're well.

Check it out - Our new Toledo Under40 Real Estate Meetup

This is the place where your brain will get flooded with information and ideas. It will feel like drinking water from a fire hydrant!

Feel free to join the group and attend, especially all you folks from Toledo. Everyone and anyone else from further away is also more than welcome.

Topics of discussion will include: Getting Started, Motivation, Branding/Marketing, Finding Deals, Negotiation, Working With Buyers, Portfolio Strategies, Raising Funds, Renovations, Commercial, Multifamily, etc... If we can all assist one another and work together the possibilities are limitless.

The event will be held at the HQ of Ohio Cashflow until the group gets large enough to justify a move into the Sydney Opera House lol :)

Feel free to message me and ask any questions.

Thanks and keep the dream alive.

Lets GO - Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Lima, Akron, Youngstown, Detroit, Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne.

Just a quick "G'Day" from me to bump this post to the top of the thread and to see if any of you guys have any questions?

The Toledo Under40 Real Estate Meetup group has amassed almost 50 members and is growing steadily every week.

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody at the meetup.

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