St. Louis Happy Hour | Oct 14, 7PM at O'Leary's Restaurant

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  • 10/14/15 07:00PM
  • O'Leary's Restaurant, 3828 S Lindbergh #118, St. Louis, MO
  • Free

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Just to be sure I hit everyone’s keyword alerts: stl, st louis

I thought we should all get together for a happy hour and actually meet each other since we spend so much time talking here on BP. Standard BP principles: no selling, no agenda, just want to get the gang together and talk shop since I've only met some of you in person.

I've scheduled us at O'Leary's Restaurant on 3828 S Lindbergh for 7 pm on October 14. I figured that'd give everyone enough heads up to plan for the event.

Looking forward to meeting new folks and seeing friends I already know!

@Ryan Dossey I know you invest here but live in Indiana so I just thought I'd mention this. Maybe we could outfit it with a drink holder: 

@Peter MacKercher I appreciate the "bat signal" I actually have family in STL so I travel back all the time. I was in town this weekend. I should be back in town end of Sept. If you wouldn't mind shooting me a reminder when it gets closer I can use it as a write off/excuse to come into town.

Sounds good I will make sure that there will be several reminders. 

Hi Peter,

I would definitely be interested in this! Reminders will be great :)

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