Central CT Meet Up!! - Sept 16, 7p

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  • 09/16/15 07:00PM
  • Wood n Tap - Rocky Hill, Connecticut
  • Free

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Hey Everyone! Hope you all have had a great and prosperous summer. Now that most folks are back from vacation it is time for another Central CT Meet Up!

Our next meet-up is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16 at 7p at the Wood n Tap in Rocky Hill. There is a private dining room in the back where we get together. Once again, this is a FREE meet up. However, I must ask all that attend to please order something from the menu! Wood n Tap won't allow us to continue booking this room if we don't support their business.

These meet ups have been a great way to meet other local investors and get inspired by many of their success stories. They are also great for networking - we have all kinds of investors who attend, as well as real estate agents, brokers, attorneys, property managers, contractors, etc.  If you are from Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, Windham, or Tolland county, or any other surrounding area, and you have an interest in real estate investing, come check us out!  

We follow a similar format to @Jonathan Makovsky 's awesome meet ups in Fairfield (definitely recommended). It is a casual event with individual introductions starting around 7:30.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Don't forget to chime in if you plan on attending!

Sounds great! I will see about popping in and get some new contacts! Thanks!

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