November 3rd Sacramento / Roseville Real Estate Investing Meetup

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(  Awesome meeting last night, with 100 people! I heard at least 20 times last night, this group is by far the best real estate investing group in the area, with high-energy, incredible networking , deals on properties and getting to meet people within the group!

In our November meeting, David Oldenburg will deliver a short presentation on "Usury". This is a huge topic and area of concern for anyone lending or borrowing private or hard money funds for real estate investing. David will talk about how to use the Usury law to your advantage, and how to avoid getting burned as a lender or borrower.

Looking for a great real estate deal to rehab and flip, or buy and hold? Kelly Krezek, our wholesale team leader, highlights properties each month in our "Investment Opportunities"section.

Would you like an opportunity to get in front of a large group of investors and professionals, and tell everyone more about what you do and what you are seeking? Susan Romanishin leads our "Meet 10 People In 10 Minutes!", a segment of our meetings that is quickly becoming a huge hit!

Plus our awesome networking section at the end of the meeting! This really is what it is all about, meeting people, networking, building relationships, collaborating with others, doing deals and making money!

If you are a real estate investor, real estate professional, rehabber, flipper, wholesaler, private money lender, traditional lender, contractor, or just want to get started in the real estate investing world, this is the meeting for you! We have a very positive environment, where everyone is welcome. We check our egos and attitudes at the door, and people are encouraged to help each other. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, November 3rd at 6:30 pm at the Maidu Community Center 1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville, CA. See you there!

David Oldenburg

Kelly Krezek

Susan Romanishin

I have worked it out that I will be able to attend the next one David... Finally :).  So I will see you in November.  Might be a little late depending on traffic but I will be there.

Shame, we´ll be in Sac exactly one week later. Hopefully there´ll be another in December, though either way I plan to attend the next. Would´ve been nice to visit the Maidu center again, been a long time since I´ve seen that park, but many childhood memories there!

@Chris Vail  Wanted to make you aware that the meeting location has been changed to 925 Highland Pointe Dr., Roseville, ca 95678... Highland Pointe is near HWY 65 and Pleasant Grove Blvd.  The meeting is still 6:30pm and I recommending getting there a little early :-).

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