Oct. 28th: Connecticut Real Estate Investor Meet-Up in Fairfield

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  • 10/28/15 07:00PM
  • Anna Liffey's: 1494 Old Post Rd, Fairfield CT 06824 (Back room)
  • Free

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Hi All,

For those that haven't yet been yet to this real estate investor meet-up; it's a pure networking event. Last month was one of the best! For better or worse there is no charge, pitching, upselling, teaching or lecturing. It's just networking and drinking - not necessarily in that order.

Place: Anna Liffey's (a cool Irish pub) located at 1494 Old Post Rd, Fairfield CT 06824 NOTE: We are in the back room (http://annaliffeys.com)

Time: 7PM mingle. At 7:45pm we go around room to introduce everyone so you can let everyone know what you do and who you would like to meet at the event (brokers, lenders, wholesalers, investors, attorneys, insurance agents, and more.)

No Cost: It's FREE (yes, really)! Okay it's almost free - please buy a drink(s) from the bar. Remember the more you have, the more you'll enjoy it. Just kidding! Seriously, if you're driving or don't want to drink there are food options and non-alcoholic drinks.

NOTE: This meeting will be the last one until December or January, so please try to come. (We don't compete with turkey or Santa, so the next meeting - if at all - will be early to mid-December, after that we're back to last Wednesday of every month.)

Even More Important Note: There is a Happy Hour from 4pm - 7pm before the event starts. I think it's half-off most drinks (approx. $3 craft beers).

FAVOR: If you'll be coming - can you please post below that you'll be there? Thank you.

Happy investing!

Side note: We have investors from most counties in Connecticut: Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, New Haven, New London, Middlesex, and occasionally from Tolland. 

Jonathan Makovsky, Hi

Sure! Last Time on Anna Liffey's was really important to me. I met some also people. my buddy Rodrigo also like so very much. Thanks again and see you there!

Regards David

Hello! I currently wholesale in the Boston area but looking to expand my business down into CT. I would love to come and meet everyone and learn more about your market! Liz Pierce

Excited for our Fall Meet Up! I will absolutely see you all there! For those of you who are thinking about coming or on the fence - it is ABSOLUTELY worth attending! NO pitching - no one trying to sell you anything (except the people selling properties - which we like) and it is all around the best networking event in the area! I do hope you will join us!

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Hi Johnathan,

I am new to bigger pockets (this may even be my first post) and real estate in general. I am have been reading a lot sign signing up and look forward to meeting everyone on Weds. 

See ya then!


@Bob Mazza we don't have a website (although that's a good idea!). I can put you on email list - please send me PM with best contact to use. Looking forward to seeing you.

Just an FYI - the next one likely won't be until end of January. 

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