As part of the REAL ESTATE INVESTING JOINT VENTURE SCHOOL, I am giving lesson #4 entitled: How to Raise Money from Private Lenders Without Getting Into Trouble with The SEC

Raising money is crucial to a successful real estate investing career. Borrowing money from banks is just ONE way to finance real estate deals. Having PRIVATE LENDERS is another big component of being able to acquire and fund more real estate deals. In fact, the majority of successful real estate investors all have private money sources.

But you got to raise money from private lenders in the right way. I can see many BP members doing it wrong like posting on the Marketplace that they need cash for their deals.

I've raised MILLIONS of dollars from private sources and I can teach you how I do it...for FREE! Never did I once put an ad on BP or on newspapers or Craigslist that I need cash for my real estate deals and you should do the same. Find out why by registering for the REI JV School.

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Why am I doing it for FREE?

Based on my own experience, I realize the power of sharing information for free. I started the Real Life of A Real Estate Investor here on BP. I shared my successes, my mistakes and what I learn from my real estate business every week. Without meaning to do so, people started doing joint ventures with me. I estimate that in 2014, JVs with BP members have given me over $100,000 in extra profit. In March 2015, I started Year 2 of the Real Life and I am now tracking over $600,000 in profits through joint ventures with BP members. 

So, that's why I am doing this School for FREE. My goal is to give so much education and so much value that more and more BP members will want to JV with me. More JV opportunities equals more profits.

Why learn from a guru when you know you'll be upsold to? Most gurus earn more money by being a guru vs. actually investing in real estate. Instead, learn from the Real Estate Investing Joint Venture School. Learn what's really working in today's market without being upsold to an overpriced course or coaching program. Learn by doing JOINT VENTURES with me and the other students. In other words, learn by DOING and EARN now - not after you bought all the courses that the gurus want you to buy.

So, to learn and start EARNING from real estate investing, attend the "School" NOW by clicking on the LINK below:

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P.S. You can also attend the School ONLINE. There's a small fee ($5) used to offset the cost of the gotomeeting platform.

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P. P.P.S. Below is Lesson #1 of The REI JV School. Watch the video so you will see the NO Hype, NO Upsell style. This is a real school with a QUIZ in the end. See you at the School next Tuesday, October 27: