LOS ANGELES: Hands On REI, Feb 6th "Hansel & Gretel's" Rehab

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If HGTV and a real life mentor had a baby, then you would have the "Hands-On Real Estate in Los Angeles" group.

I am inviting beginner and seasoned Real Estate investors to go on-location in LA and get hands-on with flipping, rehabbing and buy and hold properties in Los Angeles. No actual hammers or calculators needed, it is a detailed project by project glance before it is finished. Our group will be transparent with our numbers, acquisition and renovations, so REI get more bite size and manageable.

Our next meeting, Feb 6th at 10:30am is our next field tour to an El Monte SFR that is as cute as Hansel and Gretel's home. We are gutting the inside and re-configuring it to a 3/2 (from a 3/1). Here is the link to sign up on MeetUp.com http://www.meetup.com/HandsOnRealEstate

We hold meeting every 3-4 weeks and I'd love a chance to meet seasoned to beginner investors.

If you have a rehab/flip/buy&hold property that you are current working on and would like to host a tour, PM me to get a conversation going.

Shannon Shue, Realtor

S[email protected]


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@LindaCheng Can't wait to meet.

@GeneMaltsev There will be more meet ups, I am scheduling one for end of the month. I am trying to keep to a monthly schedule of meetings. I keep the groups intimate less than 10 people.

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