Do you attend Meetups for Real Estate?

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Hi Guys

Just wanted to thank those who came out to the MONTHLY Meetup we started in New York. We had a great turn out. We helped attendees get on track with Real Estate school for those who want a license. We helped others get all the details and connect to work in the New York offices and learn hands on about Real Estate Investing.  The ins and outs of how to find Real estate Deals and how to finance them and get them sold  with our team that is doing that form our New York office...

You are invited to come out in April ....Last Thursdays... Flyer to follow or details on the Meetup details on ,my Yellow Letter website...

Some new relationships were started and some old ones were reignited..

There is a lot happening in the New York Real Estate community... Thanks to my nephew and son  Anthony Williams who broke it down. And will be working closely with those who stay connected.

We answered EVERY question and it will continue to help the community of newbies and seasoned investors...

One of my DEVELOPER friends needed financing for a 70 homes project in Westchester and we are able to help him as well...

It pays to come out... Some people came out to find out what  their first steps should be while others wanted to know more about marketing campaigns... We addressed every need.

It only gets better...

I am in New York to help you achieve your Real Estate goals ... You can connect  ask for Wendy or Anthony

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