In the summer months our attendance tends to be down somewhat. Therefore this June we'll be having a more casual, less formal meeting. We'll be watching the movie 99 Homes and allowing for a short discussion afterwards. The movie is two hours long which will mean that we will have to start it promptly at 6:30.

Movie Synopsis

This movie tells the tale of a real estate investor who is finding great financial success with foreclosed homes. Showing the perspective also of a struggling but well-meaning homeowner, it examines the ethical conundrum of making a profit at someone else's expense. Desperate to survive and provide for his family, a man whose home is foreclosed on goes to work for the investor who evicted him and his family.

Watch the Trailer

As real estate investors ourselves, it's important that we examine the consequences of our actions along with the public perception of our work. In other words, real estate investing sometimes is frowned upon as being unethical. But it doesn't have to be. We can invest ethically. We can earn a profit helping people instead of hurting them. Then by doing so we also contribute to an improved public perception of investors like ourselves.

Come check out this movie and let us know what you think. Are real estate investors getting an unfair reputation? Are some investors giving the rest of us a bad name? What can we do to assure that we make a profit in an ethical manner without compromising the well-being of others in our community?


The meeting will take place at the Red Bank Public Library located at 84 West Front Street in Red Bank, NJ. We will be downstairs in the Meeting Room. When you walk in turn left at the front desk and walk forward until you see a set of stairs on your left. At the bottom of the steps is a hallway. Follow the hallway to the end. The meeting room is on the left (across and just past the bathrooms).


• There will be no food or drink served.
• As always, all are welcome to attend. There are no prerequisites, experience, or membership requirements.
• The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the meeting in the event of low expected turnout, bad weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.