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The next meeting of the San Jose Real Estate Investing Club will be October 26th. Our guest speaker will be Gary DiGrazia, Sr. Gary is "Mr. Probate" and will tell us everything we need to know about probate investing.

Please register for this event at our web site http://sanjoserenc.com/next-meeting/

Topic: Probate Investing

Speaker: Richard DiGrazia, Sr

About the Speaker: Gary DiGrazia is a highly experienced and successful Probate Real Estate Agent in Northern California who is commonly known as “Mr. Probate”. For thirty years he has been offering his services to Estates within the San Francisco Bay Area who sell properties in probate. To date, Gary has successfully completed more than 500 Probate Sales. Gary is an authority in selling Probate Real Estate and is an educator, seminar speaker and an author, having been interviewed by radio talk shows and newspapers on Probate Real Estate. He has trained over 4,000 Probate Real Estate Investor/Agent Students throughout the USA, Canada and the UK.

Gary earns from Probate Homes OFF MARKET and has 5 unique ways he does this. His system produces on average 150 New Probate Cases with Real Estate each month to market to. He buys to fix and flip, he Sells (Double Ends) to buy and hold Investors or his VIP Retail Buyers list when the Estate needs more net dollars, and he lists many of the probate homes. After demonstrating his expertise in Probate Real Estate when the estate wants MLS Exposure, he bids for clients at the Court Confirmation Sales, guiding them through this mine field and he farms Probate homes which are not going to be sold during the probate 7-10 month process, but will after Final Distribution. These five ways have earns him multiple six figures and keeps him in Top Producer Status as an Agent.

Gary now networks with investors and agents and will offer to buy any probate home his students or network agent/investors bring to him, or will partner as a co-agent, agent or consultant. Agents and Investors now have a one-stop opportunity to learn how to find probate homes, have a buyer who will purchase them, or can just learn Gary's system and add this niche to their production.

About the Presentation:

In today's real estate market generating solid leads is the most difficult part of the business. Yet most investors and agents don't farm probate leads since they are not the low hanging fruit and can seem complicated. At this meeting of the San Jose Real Estate Networking Club, Gary DiGrazia will discuss all aspects of probate investing and explain why it is such a great niche to explore.

Topics will include:

1. What is Probate Real Estate

2. How to Bypass All the Laws

3. How to have 150+ New Probate Homes each Month

4. INVESTORS: Purchase and Flip Probate Homes

5. AGENTS Double End Probate Homes OFF MARKET

6. LANDLORDS buy rentals 10-15% Under market

7. A Investor who will Buy the Probates Homes you find

8. Agents and Investors Partner with GaryD

Meeting Agenda:

7:00 Networking (Bring you business cards!)

7:15 Announcements, "Haves & Wants"

7:30 Market update

7:45 Featured Speaker

8:45 Networking

9:00 Meeting ends

I hope you can make it!



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