Las Cruces REI Club Monthly Meet-Up

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  • 11/03/16 07:00PM
  • 205 W Boutz Rd. Building 6, Las Cruces, NM 88005
  • Free

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Las Cruces Real Estate Investors Club


Thursday November 3

7 pm

205 W Boutz Rd Building 6

(In Boutz Plaza across from

the Borman Autoplex - This is the office of

Property Management & Investments of New Mexico)

Speaker - Marvid and Amanda Charlson, Owners of PMI of New Mexico

Topic - Pros and Cons of using a property manger. I met Marvid and Amanda after interviewing multiple property managers to help us out in vetting real estate deals early this year. After interviewing multiple property mangers, they stood out as top notch because of their sincere desire to help owners/investors have great experiences with their properties. They are happy to help in any way they can. We currently do have one property with them, but are also considering self-managing in the future. It was great to have them help get us started though to minimize some of the painful lessons that we know can come through self-managing. They have many years of experience with management in Las Cruces and have a TON of valuable information to share. Bring questions!!

We do recommend them but this is not a sales pitch .This is an educational experience. And it's convenient to have them speak since we use their offices for our meetings :) I am happy to bring in other property mangers to talk in the future though as well.

Following that we'll open the meeting up to networking, sharing of ideas, deal making etc.

***Know anyone else wanting to come? Please feel free to invite others. We've had someone new show up to each meeting so it's fun to know there is so much interest. I'd also love feedback about what content you want to have more of. Please let me know if there is a specific topic you are aching to learn more about!

See you there!!!

Heather Beard

Looking forward to it!

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