HAPCO /DIG/ GPAR – Lunch & Learn

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  • 11/09/16 12:00PM
  • Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS, 1341 North Delaware Avenue, Suite 200
  • Free

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HAPCO /DIG/ GPAR – Lunch & Learn

Construction, Development, Zoning & Building Permits Processing and Resolutions Made Simple

Date & Time: November 9th, 2016 12-1:30PM

Location: Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS, 1341 North Delaware Avenue, Suite 200

Sponsor: Joseph V. Scorese Firstrust Bank

Presented By: Tax Abatement Today, LLC – Alexis Miles – Owner

Do you know how the Process works in Philadelphia with Permits for C &D? We will go through an overview that would assist the beginner to the current every day developer.

Through the building permit process, it is the intent of Philadelphia County to assure orderly, planned, efficient and economical development of the county. This is where an educational workshop for real estate professionals is important.

We will go over the Navigation of the Building Permit Process and discuss Service, Time, and Money in regards to get the process completed correctly.

Please RSVP (No Walk In’s) : Donna LePera | Director of Member Services, Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS®,

@Joseph Scorese - looks like you left out the phone number / email address for those who would like to RSVP.

BP does not allow to leave a phone number or email, ppl usually pm me. @

Steve Babiak

@Joseph Scorese - BP does allow phone numbers and email addresses on posts that announce events In the events forum and on posts in the marketplace forum.

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