Utah REIA - Interview with Andy McFarland!

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Wanted to let you know about an incredible opportunity this Tuesday, November 22nd. The Utah REIA is conducting an interview with Andy McFarland! If you don't know about Andy he is probably the biggest wholesaler in the state of Utah. He works in 3 different states, has a number of employees and did over 160 deals in 2015. He is the real deal! Here is the best part. He has agreed to let me interview him. I will ask him all of the pertinent questions a beginner to advanced investor woud want to know. These opportunities don't come along often! He has his own Podcast and does coaching with Justin Williams nationally. If I remember right his coaching program is $25K. Would you like to know how he got started? What marketing is working best for him? How he set up his business? I promise there will be a lot more! I know it is Thanksgiving week but you will kick yourself if you miss this!

When: Tuesday, November 22nd
Where: Utah Apartment Association - 448 E. Winchester St (6400 S.) Suite 460
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: Free for your first visit or for members of the REIA. You can join for the whole year or pay $15 at the door. Get there early so you can get a good seat! We expect it to be crowded!

@Jeff Rappaport - Wish I could have gone! I bet it was packed. Andy is great! 

The holidays are kind of crazy for evening events. Did you guys make a DVD or something? 

@Douglas Larson , yes we did have a pretty big turnout!  Unfortunately, Andy had a death in his family the day before and was unable to make it.  I am hopeful we will be able to reschedule in the future.  

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